Monthly Archives: October 2016

Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias, an old rocker that excels among young adults in Spain

The verdejo from Rueda prepared by the oenologist Ángel Calleja became the white wine protagonist of the music festival held last October 2 in Madrid in the Teatro Goya. At 11:00 a.m. the doors opened on the fifth edition of the event that combines music with wine, a project born in 2012 with the intention of reviving wine consumption in Spain through music with the support of young adults and the best wineries.

Hundreds of young, curious adults were responsible for pairing a soundtrack with each one of the participating wines: Soleá Morente, Carmen Boza, Lorena Álvarez and their Banda Municipal, Joe Crepúsculo, Los Nastys, Trajano! y Luis Brea y El Miedo. Now, five years later, the Enofestival is beginning to reap the benefits of their efforts and to witness how similar projects are surfacing that contribute richness and diversity to a sector very much in need of new ideas for reaching an audience that is as important as it is difficult to conquer.

As Vinetur recently noted on the basis of data from the Wine Market Council (WMC), “wine already has spent years sailing between clouds and storms. First, due to the sharp fall in per capita consumption in almost all the major producing countries (Spain is one of the most dramatic cases, with only 17 liters per person per year) and then by the economic crisis that erupted in 2007 that hit the industry hard. But, compared to the data in our country, bright spots are emerging such as those in the United States and the United Kingdom. Those bright spots are the ‘millennials’, the young adults who today are between 21 and 38 years old, and that in the United States have already been converted into the population segment with the greatest number of wine consumers”.