Concrete or stainless steel?

Within the equipment of the modern wineries, technology has given way to tools and processes of a functional character, where priority is given to speed, energy saving and even the use of space. A good technological example – which has nothing to do with its origin – is the one that relates to the wine tanks, that is, the place where the fermentation process is carried out. Ever since man decided to transform grapes into an alcoholic beverage, he has created many types of containers to bring to fruition this idea, using materials of all kinds, from mud to wood, through concrete until reaching steel. Stainless steel is precisely the material most commonly used by modern wineries. Lightweight, hygienic and easy to use, it wins by a landslide over any other material.

However, there are wineries that still retain those larger concrete containers. They look like tanks from another era – in fact, they are just that- but many wineries retain them and use them regularly. In fact, in recent times there has been a kind of ‘return to the source’, and some wineries are striving to regain old materials to create different wines.

Bodega Cuatro Rayas has always used this type of container to ferment their wines and still continues to do so. Because they have a certain porosity the wine micro oxygenates during its production, yielding benefits when producing certain types of wines. Cuatro Rayas still retains18 concrete tanks. Their presence is a token gesture, since the figure was much higher decades ago. Each of them holds 11,000 liters and all of them were built in 1935.

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