The doctor’s prescription

The oldest of those at Bodega Cuatro Rayas say that the wines of the cooperative owe their inception to a doctor’s prescription. This story has a lot to do with the true promoter of the lasecana winery, more than 80 harvests ago. It was Fermin Bedoya, the local doctor, who brought together a group of winegrowers by creating a cooperative that would allow them to make the most of the work in the vineyards. With that peculiar medical ‘prescription’ – the one that advised them to join together in a collective enterprise- it was impossible that things would not turn out well. The objective was to make the work of the vineyard profitable and be able to market everyone’s wine.

That prescription has survived to this day because, in the the middle of the 21st century, the winery is still located in the same place and many of the grandchildren of those winegrowers who believed in and bet heavy on the doctor’s prescription are a part of it. Today, without losing that philosophy or the human wealth of hundreds of winegrower partners, the winery has been able to assume the innovation, technology and most recent marketing formats for marketing the wines of a comprehensive body of winegrowers who today reach thousands of points of sale throughout the country. But few consumers, tasters of Cuatro Rayas wines, know that the secret lies in the fact that they follow still today – the prescription of a rural doctor: join together to grow and prosper. Without a doubt, a thought without secrets, but with plenty of common sense.

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