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Cuatro Rayas 2016 verdejo: the center of attention

Now available. Our winery’s most emblematic wine, the white Cuatro Rayas 2016 verdejo, is now being uncorked in homes, restaurants, cocktail lounges and specialty shops. Wineries, sales counters, tables, appetizers, toasts… We must welcome the new vintage appropriately! We must celebrate it in style! The white from verdejo grapes is back with all the boldness it has always had. In the wine glass it is clean, bright, lime green in color, with just the right intensity… Its characteristic fruity aromas (citrus, tropical) and herbal nuances; its balanced acidity, its pronounced intensity, its long aftertaste, smoothness and volume on the palate are also back. The new vintage, that of 2016, is back to face the music and the wines that are now being sold from its grapes are the best reflection of the good things that are born of the earth. Cuatro Rayas verdejo is a shining example.

But before we get to the figure of two million bottles of white Cuatro Rayas verdejo -those produced from the 2016 vintage-, it is worth recalling that the key that explains our success is in the vineyard, in the harvest, in the work in the winery and in the care that we put into the final bottling phase. Nor should we forget the variety, how and in what circumstances it is harvested, by machine, at night, taking advantage of the low temperatures and the thermal contrasts. This native variety hides under its skin the key to its harmonic structure, its aromas and the other qualities that are revealed in the wine glass.

In the wine glass it is a delight to discover that all the characteristics of the variety remain intact. This grape is immediately recognized . The subtle combination of fruit and floral aromas is irresistible, its bitterness and that characteristic long aftertaste on the palate. More than 60 countries already toast with Cuatro Rayas. You still haven’t? Well, begin with the latest vintage of verdejo. Cuatro Rayas 2016 verdejo: the center of attention

Cuatro Rayas 2016 organic verdejo: the most natural bet

Its existence demonstrates every day that it is possible to grow and produce within the parameters of environmental respect. The ‘organic winegrowers’ – that is to say, those who defend the cultivation of their grapes under these criteria- guarantee that looking to the future, another way of making wine is possible. From among the array of new 2016 vintages, the young white varieties verdejo and sauvingnon blanc are well known, but there is a third path, that does not exclude, but rather enriches everything we do-, a production endowed with a distinct personality that closes the triumvirate of the young Cuatro Rayas wines. It is the organic verdejo.

The white Cuatro Rayas 2016 organic verdejo is made exclusively from the grapes from 20 hectares of vineyards, distributed between La Seca (Valladolid) and Aldeanueva del Codonal (Segovia). In all, this year 120,000 kilos of grapes were harvested, which translates into 100,000 bottles of exclusive organic verdejo. The harvest is manual and almost all of the vineyard is goblet trained. The winegrower that follows the organic practice guarantees the absence of fertilizers and pesticides. The production method follows the same parameters as the rest of the wines, except that it eliminates the addition of sulfur dioxide and the maceration excludes the press because it is done in tanks. The new vintage will be available in March, 2017.

Are there many differences in its tasting notes? Yes, for example, in the color. In this case we are talking about an intense lemon yellow (clean, bright, transparent). Notes of violet, ripe stewed fruit, stone fruit and a hint of peach. On the palate it is smooth, with body. The ripe fruit and its obvious long aftertaste are perceived in retronasal. And, with regard to the bottle, we strongly recommend that you look at the back label, because next to the stamp of the DO Rueda you will also find the certification of the CAECYL, the Council of Organic Farming of Castille and Leon, which guarantees compliance with all the legal regulations.