Cuatro Rayas makes a toast to equality

The toast that today make us raise a glass deserves our full attention. While raising the glass, a group of Cuatro Rayas’ men and women staff state their clear support for a social cause. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day (8 March), everyone wanted to emphasise upon a fair claim: the one about equality! Nevertheless, this claim needs the awareness and collaboration of everyone. Because Women’s Day is not just synonymous with labour rights and opportunities for everyone but also brings on the table other challenges the society must address, such as conciliation, fight against stereotypes and gender-based violence. Achieving these goals will result in a fairer, freer and more egalitarian society.

The employment of women in Cuatro Rayas Winery reaches all areas and levels, in fact, 30% of the staff are female workers. Within our ten departments, some women are in leadership positions and other women share responsibilities with other members of the working team. Today we want to show you some examples. The first one was Elena M. Oyagüe, who has been working 20 years in Oenology and today is the manager of this department, after receiving the baton from the recently retired Ángel Calleja. She is in charge of the department where Roberto López also works; he is from the town of Almazán in Soria, holds a degree in Chemistry and Oenology, and has been working in the winery for ten years.

Photo caption. From left to right Roberto López (Winemaker); María Estévez (Communications and Wine Tourism); Raquel Fernández (Export Area Manager); Rebeca Altable (Vineyard Department); Vicente Orihuela (Managing Director); Susana Diez (Governing Council Spokeswoman); Juncal González (Lab Manager); and Quique González (Vineyard Technician).

Juncal González is at the head of the Laboratory Department. Born in La Seca, she has been associated with the winery for twelve years, and she came here after finishing her studies as Environmental Health Technician. Raquel Fernández is one of the three saleswomen working in the Export Area. She is from Burgos, graduated in Economics, and holds a Master’s Degree in International Trade. In the image under this post, next to her there is Rebeca Altable, member of the Vineyard Department team. She graduated in Agricultural Engineering, also holds a Master’s Degree in Winery Direction and Management. She works closely with Mercedes and two men, Quique González and José Martínez, and the latter is the manager of the team. María Estévez is one of the three members of the Communication and Wine Tourism area, together with Álvaro and Sonia. She was born in Madrid, but lives in Valladolid; she graduated in Advertising, holds a Master’s Degree in Winery Direction and Management from Business School of Valladolid.

The last ones of the picture are Susana Diez, the only Governing Council spokeswoman, who represents all 300 members of the cooperative – it is worth mentioning that a third of this membership base are women– and Vicente Orihuela, Managing Director of the Winery. Orihuela explains how the firm Cuatro Rayas works since, in recent years, they have implemented a strategic plan aimed at improving the quality of life of the workers. Hence, among their objectives, they are planning the implementation of an Equality Plan in the short term. This new project will include a series of measures that will put special effort in working towards gender equality and its relationship with common issues including schedules, personal and labour relationships, access to employment and labour conciliation.

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