Operations Department of Cuatro Rayas Winery

Operations Department is responsible for organising the entire production. In this department work, as main leaders, Luis Bernardo (Director of Operations); Jorge Labajo (Production Manager); Sara de Íscar (Purchasing manager) and the quality technicians Ricardo Serrano and Concha Hernández. This Operation Department includes other important sub-departments as:

Purchasing. It establishes all relations with suppliers. They are also responsible for all the supporting elements of the bottling, i.e., everything related to material purchasing for the winery, from corks to labels, cardboard boxes and even the bottles where we introduce the wine to be marketed. Sara de Íscar works at this department as the main leader. She joined the winery in 2004. Born in Serrada, this agricultural engineer has specific training in Purchase and Management of Wineries.

Production. This department is in charge of materialising the orders in the bottling plant. It is to be noted that, precisely, this bottling plant is one of the ‘gems’ of Cuatro Rayas Winery, as it has the biggest production capacity in Castile and Leon. For example, its maximum production reaches 10,000 bottles per hour, and has an actual output of 75,000 bottles per day, making an annual bottling total of 18 million units. We bottle more than 200 brands, on two shifts (morning and afternoon) and a third dedicated exclusively to cleaning tasks. The modern bottler is equipped with cleaning, filling up and corking stations. After passing through this process, the bottles arrive at the encapsulating, labelling, packing and palletising areas, and then placing the goods at the departure point, ready for distribution. In the bottling line work: the managers Fernando Vidal, Pedro A. Sobrino, Emilio Olteanu and Hector Asensio; in addition to the operators Francisco Fidalgo, José Mª Vidal, Rodrigo Rivera, Santiago Pocero, Sergio Sacristán and Agustín Rochas; and Fidel Muñoz, Óscar García y Víctor Capellán (cleaning tasks).

Logistics. This sub-department is responsible for organising and preparing all the orders to arrive correctly at their destination. In this case, we are talking about the Warehouse, with a maximum capacity of 1.2 million bottles. Five operators work here: Javier Rodilana (responsible for Reception); Javier Cantalapiedra (Distribution) and the operators Antonio Cantalapiedra, Braulio Romo and Sergio Rochas.