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Quality Department of Cuatro Rayas Winery

In our departments and areas tour of the structure of Cuatro Rayas winery, today we want to talk you about the functions performed by the Quality Department. Its mission is a key element within our viticulture project since they are accountable for the upgrading and implementation of the quality and food safety requirements under the food regulations BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard).

The full compliance with the quality standards affects all departments, stages and personnel of Cuatro Rayas Winery. It starts at the vine plant, even before the harvesting of the wine grape, and finishes long after the winemaking and bottling of the wine; extending up to the dispatching and expedition of orders to the markets. During this long process –from the vineyard to the consumer–, this department carries out extensive checks in order to comply with all requirements regarding food safety. There are controls of the vine, also in the laboratory, and utmost monitoring of the winemaking and bottling processes, and also on the labelling and packaging stage. Even suppliers of the winery must go through a strict control in order to comply with the requirements of the regulations.

The Quality Department of Cuatro Rayas remarks the importance that all departments are involved in this area, as it is a way to strengthen their commitment to the company and consumers. After all, the rigour and transparency of all our processes contribute to strengthen their trust in our work. It should also be noticed that, to this respect, it is always important to work for the continuous improvement of the wine process; this is why the department insists on the update, renewal and implementation of many new changes that ensure maximum compliance with our quality objectives.

Concha Hernández

Concha Hernández and Ricardo Serrano work in this department. Both are quality technicians at this division of Cuatro Rayas Winery. Concha, the person who welcomed us today at her job, has been associated with the winery since 2017, and since then, has been working in this area. Born in Pozaldez, this engineer also has a Master’s Degree in Quality and Environment Integrated Systems. “We must work to adapt to the needs of our customers, to whom we owe the fulfilment of the highest requirement standards to cover their expectations in all areas”, she said.

Marketing and Communications Department of Cuatro Rayas Winery

The Marketing and Communications Department is responsible for managing the information and communication that Cuatro Rayas Winery generates, both internal (to the members and employees) and external, i.e., the information related to the media, sponsorships and brand image. The managers of this department are as well responsible for the development of advertising and communications campaigns and the constant presence of the winery at important trade fairs and promotional events. Thanks to their familiarity with the wine tasting language and their broad knowledge about the philosophy of the winery and all the winemaking processes, they are usually present in wine tastings, presentations and they provide direct assistance to the wine tourists, who visit the winery from around the world.

The Marketing and Communications team is also responsible for managing and creating content on social networks where Cuatro Rayas Winery is present. Certainly, we can say that this department is one of the most strategic within the winery because they are accountable for keeping the image of the company and also the smooth communication among the members of the entity, in this case, the members of the cooperative winery.

Álvaro Gago, María Estévez and Sonia García work at this department. Álvaro is the director of Communications, public relations of the winery and the person in charge for the contact with the specialised and general press. Born in Valladolid, he graduated in Journalism at the European University Miguel de Cervantes of Valladolid and joined this department of the company from La Seca in 2015; since then, he exercises his role as leading manager.

Born in Madrid, but living in Valladolid, María Estévez graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Valladolid (UVA). She is in charge of writing press releases, managing the sponsorships and Intranet and the Enotourism area. The latest addition to the department has been Sonia García. Born in Tordesillas (Valladolid), she graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, also at the UEMC. Her tasks are related to the design of labels and display advertising, web updates and Product Marketing.