José Peñín: ‘If we had to choose a variety to represent Spain before the world, that would be Verdejo’

The wine writer and journalist, one of the most prominent professionals in the sector, is the guest of the third episode of ‘Conversations about Spanish wine’

Peñín reviews, together with Javier Pérez Andrés, his career and the current situation of the different wine regions

La Seca (Valladolid), 1 October 2019.- Following the conversations with the journalist Carlos Delgado and the sommelier Custodio Zamarra in previous editions of ‘Conversations about Spanish wine’, our guest in the third chapter of this programme revolving around the world of wine and its evolution in recent years is one of the leading voices in the sector: José Peñín. The journalist Javier Pérez Andrés chats with him in La Botica de Matapozuelos Restaurant, a rural restaurant with a Michelin star where local products are treated with special care pairing them with great wines of the region.

José Peñín is, without a doubt, a key figure in the promotion and dissemination of quality wines in Spain and a world reference in the sector. The writer and journalist has certainly the widest curriculum of commitment to wine tasting and travelling, as well as the most comprehensive sensory archive of the last 40 years of Spanish wine. Also, José Peñín is the founder of the guide bearing his name, considered the Bible of the wine in Spain, and of which even Robert Parker said he used to contrast some wines. At present, the writer –born in the province of León– maintains a great writing activity, and he also continues tasting wines. He has a great presence on social media, and soon he will surprise us with a book collecting his memoirs, that surely, will also become the memoirs of the Spanish wine.

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Peñín reviews all his wine sector-related career, which began before the birth of the Designations of Origin as we know them, and he also talks about what could have been the origin of the current Peñín Guide: his first book, My 101 favourite wines. Also, his experience and vast knowledge of the sector led him to affirm that “if we had to choose a variety to represent Spain before the world, that would be Verdejo”.

Promotion of wine-making culture
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