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An Unexpected Finding – #todoirabien

Our cooperative’s history is replete with moments in which it has demonstrated an enormous resiliency in difficult times; perhaps this fighting spirit is inborn, given the cooperative’s origins.

The cooperative’s history is well-known – Cuatro Rayas Winery began as the Cooperative Winery of La Seca in 1935 in Spain, a country facing the uncertainty of political instability which would break out in Civil War within a year.  Inspired by Fermin Bedoya, a local physician, winemaking families with vineyards in the small Valladolid locality of La Seca joined together to form a cooperative to make the most of their toils in the vineyards.  The concept was simple – together, they would not only be larger, but much stronger.

Within a mere three years and deep in the throes of the nation’s conflict, our members’ parents and grandparents took a calculated risk – they collected the wine produced in their individual lands in large concrete vats to sell as one.  Legend has it that the best mix of this foundational vintage was Vat 61, which lent its name to their first branded wine, “Fino 61”, known today as “61 Dorado”.  The “61” family of brands has grown in recent years and now encompasses not only fortified wines (Dorado and Dorado en Rama), but also sparkling wine and two Vermouths elaborated from Verdejo and Tempranillo grapes.

Back then, wine was sold in bulk by casks – the first bottling would not occur until the 1950s – both directly and in distribution.  Wine would be collected from house to house in large glass pitchers and huge wooden barrels filled with the cooperative’s wines would be shipped by train to bring La Seca’s fortified wines to many other regions.

While we have always known of our wines’ widespread success throughout northern Spain during this trying time, we still come across stories that reveal more about our winery’s history.

Recently, one of our neighbors, an avid stamp collector, found a very special envelope at a philatelic show.  The post office stamp brings us to 1943 – a pivotal year in World War II – and the envelope is addressed to a post office box in Geneva, Switzerland.  It bears the cooperative’s emblem and that of its “61 Amontillado Fino” brand.

We are not certain if the package ever arrived at its destination, since the envelope also bears stamps and markings revealing that it was intercepted by Nazi authorities, but it reminds us of the courage and enterprise of our members, even in times of great economic and political upheaval.

This is one more notable episode to inspire and sustain our working spirit and strength in difficult times in continuing to supply our customers with the very best of our products.More reason to confidently proclaim that #todoirabien.

Quim Vila: ‘It’s difficult to enter the wine industry just to hung out’

In the fifth instalment of “Conversations about Spanish wine”, this Catalan entrepreneur—leader on wine distribution of wine in Spain—examines the past, present and future of the business and highlights that ‘the wine industry is at its very best’.

La Seca (Valladolid), 02 March 2020. Following the conversations with the journalist Carlos Delgado, the sommelier Custodio Zamarra and the journalist and writer José Peñín and the winemaker Isabel Mijares in previous instalments of ‘Conversations about Spanish wine’, the guest of the fifth chapter of this programme, revolving around the world of wine and its evolution in recent years, is one of the greatest exponents of wine distribution in Spain: Quim Vila.

Over the past 25 years, this Catalan entrepreneur has been key to the development and modernisation of the distribution and sale of quality wines. Vila Viniteca is a shuttle that many wineries long for, because, thanks to its impact and market knowledge, they managed to catapult many wines and make the work of producers profitable. Thus, Quim Vila represents the 21st-century wine distributor model: handling all platforms with an indisputable leadership, owning stores in Barcelona and Madrid and distributing wines from more than 250 wineries. Also, in his professional schedule, there are always outreach events related to wine tastings, music and travelling.

In this new instalment of the programme “Conversations about Spanish wine’”, together with Javier Pérez Andrés, Vila—showing enthusiasm and passion for wine culture during the interview—is optimistic and emphasises that we are living now “the best time for the wine industry”. “As always, some people consider it a business and are doing well, and others are not doing well; it’s difficult to enter the wine industry only to hang out. It’s not a business that won’t happen from one day to the next; it’s a long time business.”

You can watch the full video on the Cuatro Rayas Winery YouTube Channel:

You can watch a summary video in Spanish with English subtitles here:

Promotion of wine-making culture

“Conversations about Spanish wine’ is a new format that takes advantage of new technologies, distributed exclusively through social networks. A 30-minute episode showing a meeting between the great wine connoisseurs in this country and Javier Pérez Andrés, specialized journalist whose career has made him a leader of opinion on the information of wine, tourism and gastronomy in Castile and León. In these meetings, they will share their opinions, values and criteria. All of this in a series of talks, that, for the first time in Spain, generates a serious discussion filled with knowledge from the biggest authorities in the industry: journalists, sommeliers and several professionals of recognised prestige.

The initiative ‘Conversations about Spanish wine’’ is sponsored by Bodega Cuatro Rayas, leader cooperative in the DO Rueda. Having quality wine as a key cornerstone, with this new format the winery wants to focus on spreading the knowledge of the wine industry with the support of the greatest experts at national level.

Bodega Cuatro Rayas announces the available dates for the 2019 Harvest of the stars

The activity ‘Harvest of the stars’ will be held on Saturday 14 and Friday 20 of September

The ‘Harvest at dawn’ will be held on the morning of 28 September


La Seca (Valladolid), 27 August 2019. With the beginning of the harvest, Bodega Cuatro Rayas will resume next 14 of September its wine harvest tour activities. This year there will be three available days to enjoy two experiences that the cooperative winery from La Seca will offer on the 14 and 20 of September: the traditional ‘Harvest of the stars’ (Vendimia de las Estrellas), which in previous editions became the signature activity of the Rueda Wine Route; and on the 28 of the same month: Harvest at dawn (Vendimia al Amanecer), an activity for the whole family that had a great reception last year.


In this edition, on Friday 20 and Saturdays 14 and 28 of September, it is forecast that the members of the cooperative will perform the harvest tasks, and these will be offered to anyone who wants or can experience first-hand the harvest activities in Rueda Designation of Origin.
The harvesting experiences include: a visit to the vineyard, perform manual harvest or observe mechanical harvest, take part in the reception of the grapes at the winery, visit the facilities where the wine-producing tasks are performed on this time of the year and finally a lunch or dinner paired with wine of the winery.

Essential experiences


For more information: enoturismo@cuatrorayas.es / +34 647 740 517

Carlos Delgado, wine critic: “The best strategic area for wine in Spain is Castile and Leon”

The specialised journalist starred in the first episode of ‘Las charlas del vino español’ a new dissemination format revolving around the world of wine, sponsored by Bodega Cuatro Rayas and directed by the agri-food and wine journalist Javier Pérez Andrés

La Seca (Valladolid), June 2019.- Carlos Delgado, wine critic of the newspaper ‘El País’, is the first guest of ‘Las charlas del vino español’ (Conversations about Spanish wine), a new dissemination format where wine industry experts will share conversations revolving around wine and the revolution that has undergone in the last years. Taking advantage of the new technologies and social media for dissemination and sponsored by Bodega Cuatro Rayas, this content will have 30-minutes chapters that will be publish fully in YouTube, and showcase big Spanish wine experts meeting with Javier Pérez Andrés, a specialized journalist that, due to his career, has become an opinion leader in wine, tourism and gastronomy.

In these meetings, they will share their opinions, values and criteria. All of this in a series of talks, that, for the first time, generates a serious discussion filled with knowledge from the biggest authorities in the industry: journalists, sommeliers and several professionals of recognised prestige. Espacio Primavera 9, located in the heart of Madrid, is the setting for the first of these talks, hold with the journalist Carlos Delgado. In this conversation, Delgado reflects on the wine in our country, both in terms of history and evolution. Besides, the journalist advocates for implementing changes in the way we understand and enjoy wine, with proposals as the importance of promoting sensory education since childhood. Regarding the current situation, Delgado has been categorical, ensuring that “strategically, the best region for wine in Spain is the autonomous community of Castile and Leon”.

As a closure to the talk, the guests and Pérez Andrés will enjoy a meal at renowned restaurants where they paired their menus with Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias Cuvée, a collectible Verdejo wine exclusively distributed to the hospitality industry and the best wine bars. On this turn, Javier Pérez Andrés and Carlos Delgado had lunch at the prominent restaurant-wine bar García de la Navarra in Madrid.

Renowned wine critic: 25 years in El País
The relevance of Carlos Delgado is supported by his wide experience in the specialised press, after more than 25 years working as a wine critic for the newspaper El País. Also, he is the author of books as ‘Cien recetas Magistrales’, ‘La cocina de los grandes chefs’, ‘El libro del vino’ or the most recent, ‘Manual del Santo Bebedor’. He has also been the creator and commissary of events as important as Vinoble, Sicer, TopWineSpain, La Calle de Baco or EspaiPriorat.

Wine culture support
The initiative ‘Las charlas del vino español’ is sponsored by Bodega Cuatro Rayas, a leader cooperative in the Spanish wine sector and benchmark of the DO Rueda. Having quality wine as a key cornerstone, with this new format, the winery wants to focus on spreading the knowledge of the wine industry with the support of the greatest experts at the national level.

Thanks to Espacio Primavera 9 and to Restaurante Vinoteca García de la Navarra