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Custodio Zamarra: “The best wine is the one that, according to your budget, makes you happier”

The renowned sommelier is the second guest of ‘Conversations about Spanish wine’, hosted by the journalist Javier Pérez Andrés. Zalacaín restaurant, where Zamarra developed his career for more than 40 years, is the setting for this conversation revolving around the world of wine

La Seca (Valladolid), 3 July 2019.- After featuring the specialised journalist Carlos Delgado in the first edition of ‘Conversations about Spanish wine’, the second edition of this programme features one of the most renowned sommeliers in Spain. On this occasion, Javier Pérez Andrés talks with Custodio Zamarra, sharing anecdotes and thoughts around the wine industry and its evolution over the past 25 years. Zamarra reflects about the wine industry in Spain and emphasises, among other things, that “the best wine is the one that, according to your budget, makes you happier”. In this respect, he adds that “from the point of view of winemaking, no wine costs more than 50 euros”, though, “when it comes to wine, we don’t only pay the content, but its history”.

The scenario for this talk was the Zalacaín restaurant, where Zamarra was a sommelier for more than 40 years until his retirement. His history in this famed Madrilenian gastronomy symbol, as well as the evolution of wine and the work of sommeliers in recent years, are some of the key points of the conversation between Pérez Andrés and Zamarra. So, after giving value to the journey experienced by the viticulture in our country, the sommelier has not hesitated to assert that “Spain is one of the most important countries in the world of wine”. Pérez Andrés and Zamarra enjoy their meal paired with Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias Cuvée, a collectible Verdejo wine, distributed exclusively to the hospitality industry and the best wine bars which the sommelier states that is a “really extraordinary Verdejo wine”.

Four decades of dedication to wine in Zalacaín
Custodio Zamarra is one of the most important personalities in the world of sommeliers in Spain. Working in the hospitality industry since she was very young, his career in Zalacaín began at the early age of 24, when he joined the team of this restaurant in Madrid. From there on, thousands of wines have passed through Zamarra’s hands. Making him one of the most authoritative voices in the national wine scene.

Promotion of wine-making culture
“Conversations about Spanish wine’ is a new format that takes advantage of new technologies, distributed exclusively through social networks. A 30-minute episode that shows a meeting between the greatest wine connoisseurs in this country and Javier Pérez Andrés – a specialised journalist whose career has made him a leader of opinion on the information of wine, tourism and gastronomy in Castile and Leon. In these meetings, they will share their opinions, values and criteria. All of this in a series of talks, that, for the first time in Spain, generates a serious discussion filled with knowledge from the biggest authorities in the industry: journalists, sommeliers and several professionals of recognised prestige. The initiative ‘Conversations about Spanish wine’’ is sponsored by Bodega Cuatro Rayas, leader cooperative in the DO Rueda. Having quality wine as a key cornerstone, with this new format, the winery wants to focus on spreading the knowledge of the wine industry with the support of experts.

Acknowledgement to Restaurant Zalacaín


Cuatro Rayas 2016 organic verdejo: the most natural bet

Its existence demonstrates every day that it is possible to grow and produce within the parameters of environmental respect. The ‘organic winegrowers’ – that is to say, those who defend the cultivation of their grapes under these criteria- guarantee that looking to the future, another way of making wine is possible. From among the array of new 2016 vintages, the young white varieties verdejo and sauvingnon blanc are well known, but there is a third path, that does not exclude, but rather enriches everything we do-, a production endowed with a distinct personality that closes the triumvirate of the young Cuatro Rayas wines. It is the organic verdejo.

The white Cuatro Rayas 2016 organic verdejo is made exclusively from the grapes from 20 hectares of vineyards, distributed between La Seca (Valladolid) and Aldeanueva del Codonal (Segovia). In all, this year 120,000 kilos of grapes were harvested, which translates into 100,000 bottles of exclusive organic verdejo. The harvest is manual and almost all of the vineyard is goblet trained. The winegrower that follows the organic practice guarantees the absence of fertilizers and pesticides. The production method follows the same parameters as the rest of the wines, except that it eliminates the addition of sulfur dioxide and the maceration excludes the press because it is done in tanks. The new vintage will be available in March, 2017.

Are there many differences in its tasting notes? Yes, for example, in the color. In this case we are talking about an intense lemon yellow (clean, bright, transparent). Notes of violet, ripe stewed fruit, stone fruit and a hint of peach. On the palate it is smooth, with body. The ripe fruit and its obvious long aftertaste are perceived in retronasal. And, with regard to the bottle, we strongly recommend that you look at the back label, because next to the stamp of the DO Rueda you will also find the certification of the CAECYL, the Council of Organic Farming of Castille and Leon, which guarantees compliance with all the legal regulations.