Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Cuatro Rayas winery understands that while the primary responsibility of a business is generating profits, it can simultaneously contribute to social and environmental progress. Therefore, Cuatro Rayas decided to officially integrate social responsibility into the core of its business strategy.


The Social Responsibility Policy of the winery reaffirms its organizational values through the different actions of the organization, ensuring not only compliance with the law at all levels, but it also goes beyond, taking into account the needs and expectations of stakeholders and basing relationships with them in the commitment of mutual benefit.


“CSRs have the ability to improve society and encourage more environmentally friendly development. We aim to encourage sustainable practices and educate new generations based on ethical principles. In addition, we acquired the responsibility to serve as an example to our cooperators and employees that support their livelihood with our company.”

— Fernando Prieto, President of Cuatro Rayas winery