10 Jan 2011


The Winery produces the first Report on Corporate

Social Responsibility by an agricultural cooperative in Castilla and Leon.

La Seca (Valladolid), January 10, 2011. - Cuatro Rayas, a cooperative winery, has decided to formally integrate social responsibility into its core business strategy.  As a result, 2010 has seen the development of the Winery‘s first Report on Corporate Social Responsibility, produced in collaboration with the Regional Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Castilla and Leon (URCACYL).  This document is the result of efforts to improve and reaffirm the commitment to social, environmental, and economic policy.  

   This project, a pioneering step among the agricultural cooperatives of Castilla and Leon, intends to pursue excellence within the enterprise, giving special attention to the various interest groups with which it is directly or indirectly involved in day-to-day business.  This will involve not only enhancing the quality of the Winery‘s products and processes, but also implementing an appropriate policy to strengthen relationships with customers, partners, and employees utilizing greater transparency of information and applying a socially responsible management system.   


   In pursuit of the goal of socially responsible business management, the Winery has launched a set of strategies and action plans that seek a new balance among the economic, environmental, and social spheres.  These efforts all seek to maintain the Winery‘s economic success, while respecting the environment and establishing relationships of improved trust with those who are part of the company, working or associated with it.

    The publication of the Report on Corporate Social Responsibility coincides with the 75th Anniversary od Cuatro Rayas Winery, bringing a year full of success and recognition to a great end.

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