10 Feb 2011


The Winery‘s new website aims to interact with visitors and features direct links to a blog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

 La Seca (Valladolid), February 10, 2011. - Cuatro Rayas Winery has expanded and enhanced its presence in new technologies by adapting its website to 2.0 generation communication networks. launches with a modern, daring design, in sync with the Winery‘s philosophy and character.

The website, designed in Spanish with an available English translation, contains all of the Winery‘s essential information, from its history, its products, its recent Report on Corporate Social Responsibility, in short, all of the necessary business information to allow websurfers to get to know the Winery in depth.


But the website‘s newest feature is its integration of the latest technology and communication channels. boasts access to the top social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where the Winery already enjoys a high degree of feedback and interaction with its fans. Among other novelties, the website includes recipes, a fun and games section, and restricted access to partners and employees to foster and improve internal communications.  

In addition, the Winery‘s website contains a very important feature to share experiences and opinions with visitors: a blog.  "We expect this forum to permit the user to participate in all the activities, debates, and commentary that may arise", says Ana del Fraile, head of communications at Cuatro Rayas.  She adds that "from the beginning, the goal has been to build a simpler and more practical website and provide a larger role for our visitors and followers in social networks, allowing them to have a hand in its content, that is, create a much stronger interactive experience with them".

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