28 Jul 2011


With almost 6 million bottles sold, the Winery‘s growth surpasses the average in the D.O. Rueda


La Seca (Valladolid), July 28, 2011. - Cuatro Rayas Winery closed the first half of 2011 with sales growth of 12%, reaching 5.8 million bottles sold.  This increase beat the average in the Rueda denomination, which grew 10.35% according to published figures.


This growth is based primarily on an increase in market share of Cuatro Rayas wines nationally and internationally.  In the latter channel, the Winery has grown sales volume over 70% year over year.  Thus, "the Winery‘s strong commitment to improve the renown of the Cuatro Rayas brand is bearing fruit".  So, "the sponsorship of the premier team of the Valladolid Handball Club, the increased staffing of the sales and communications departments, the updating of the website, and the presence in social networks, among other strategies, have helped to improve the brand‘s image and gain market share", according to Guillermo Perez, the Winery‘s Sales Director.

In addition, the Winery continues to take advantage of market opportunities and has launched Dolce Bianco, a new semisweet sparkling Verdejo which is projected to sell 3 million bottles within three years.  With just one month on the market, this wine has obtained great recognition and excellent reviews from the end consumers.  


The main objective for the remainder of 2011 is to continue the 12% growth rate, which would result in end-of-year sales approaching 12 million bottles, or over 20% of the production in the Rueda denomination.



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