27 Jun 2012


This new wine concept from the Cuatro Rayas Winery celebrates its first year having sold over 250,000 bottles.


La Seca (Valladolid), June 27, 2012. - Exactly one year ago, Cuatro Rayas Winery presented Dolce Bianco as a new concept in Verdejo wine to serve as an alternative to Italian frizzante and spumante wines. After a year, this wine has also become an alternative to Spanish and French sparkling wines.


Dolce Bianco semi-sparkling white wine is elaborated from 100% Verdejo grapes accompanied by a smooth and fine sparkle. It is a semisweet wine with intense freshness, very fruity on the nose with an exquisite palate. This wine has even grown acceptable as a substitute for the classic glass of champagne or sparkling wine during dinner functions, and even as an aperitif or a cocktail.


Dolce Bianco is most successful in the leading chain stores, which constitute its greatest sales channel. Its attractive bottle, modern design, and recession-busting pricing (around 3 euros) have been the key factors in the wine‘s growth and popularity among consumers. Its success has led to talk of a new category of of white wine, frizzante Verdejos, with the clear leader being Dolce Bianco, with over 250,000 bottles sold in this initial year.

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