10 Aug 2012


 The judges at Berlin‘s International Competition, one of the most significant in the world, affirm the great history of Cuatro Rayas Verdejo with a Silver Medal.


La Seca (Valladolid), August 10, 2012.- Cuatro Rayas Verdejo wine has been awarded a Silver Medal at the Berliner Wein Trophy (Berlin‘s international wine competition) among 3,000 competitors from 31 wine-producing countries. This latest prize highlights the caliber of the wine that has become the emblem of the Winery, with over 75 years of production.


Berlin‘s international competition, hosted by the DWM company (Deutsche WEIN Marketing GmbH), is sponsored by the OIV (International Association of Vine and Wine) and is recognized by Berlin‘s Senate and the European Union.


Cuatro Rayas Verdejo is the Winery‘s flagship wine. It is elaborated from grapes harvested from 50 year old vineyards situated between the municipalities of La Seca, Rodilana, Medina del Campo, and Rueda. The four territorial lines of demarcation that divide the vineyards gave rise to the wine‘s name and, later, to the Winery itself. The tasting notes of Angel Calleja, the Winery‘s winemaker, accentuate the wine‘s brilliant straw yellow and pale green color, the mint and fennel notes on the nose which persist in the mouth, and the well-balanced alcohol and acidity. A perfect companion for summer evenings.

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