18 Dec 2012


 The leading winery of the Rueda appellation turns to innovation and reinvents itself in a challenging environment.


Cuatro Rayas has launched a new rebranding initiative reflecting the cooperative‘s recent history, while remaining true to its identity. The results build on existing packaging, with improvements to typography in a bid to nurture a global corporate identity.


The La Seca winery has selected a new and exclusive typography for its flagship Cuatro Rayas brand in its two varieties, Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc. For now, these are the only two products that will see modifications and will debut at the end of November 2012. This fresh new look reflects an aggressive commitment to drive innovation within the industry, while renewing the values of a brand that has become global and more creative.


The transformation strikes the core of Cuatro Rayas‘ identity. Orange replaces longstanding green as the primary color in our palette to symbolize our most emblematic Verdejo wine. Orange evokes change, joy, energy, and creativity, clearly descriptive of the values we wish to promote.


Our new Sauvignon Blanc will feature a new color scheme with black prominent on its label and capsule. Together with the label‘s appealing lines and etchings, this makes for an elegant packaging.


Section: Press Room

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