11 Aug 2014

Cuatro Rayas, new principal sponsor of Real Valladolid Soccer Club

 The Winery from the Rueda appellation and the Spanish soccer club have agreed on a three year sponsorship, under which Real Valladolid‘s jersey will finally feature a sponsorship logo.


Valladolid, August 11, 2014.-  The prestigious Cuatro Rayas Winery, which boasts almost 80 years of quality products and is today the standard bearer for white wines from Spain, is the new principal sponsor of Real Valladolid.  


The front of the team‘s white and violet jersey will bear a commercial logo after several seasons without one.  This is great news for the club, made even more exciting since it is a local firm that has committed to Real Valladolid as a promotional vehicle for its image throughout Spain, as well as globally, in keeping with the Winery‘s leadership in white wine consumption in Spain and its widespread influence in foreign markets.


Of course, the partnership extends beyond a logo on the team‘s apparel.  Details of the complete sponsorship arrangement were given at the press conference held last Friday by Fernando Prieto Garcia, the Winery‘s president, Vicente Orihuela, the Winery‘s general manager, and Carlos Suarez, the Club‘s president.  "This is a three year agreement under which we will be more than club and sponsor, we will be companions in a journey", remarked Mr. Suarez.  Mr. Prieto Garcia noted that "while this commitment to a sporting sponsorship is consistent with our policy of corporate social responsibility, its ultimate goal is to bring us nationwide attention".


This public appearance also featured the presentation of the Club‘s new apparel featuring the Cuatro Rayas logo.  The Winery has long affiliated with the sports world and our shared values, having collaborated with various local sporting entities. In 2010, it furthered that association by becoming the principal sponsor of the since dissolved Valladolid Handball Club during its final four seasons.  Now, Cuatro Rayas begins a new era in football as sponsor of Real Valladolid. Real Valladolid debuted its latest roster this weekend at the “Galleta Tournament” held at Aguilar de Campo against Eibar, a team from the First Division.  The match was made difficult by poor field conditions and, while the result was not favorable (0-1), the white and purple side left a good impression.

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