09 Jun 2016

Cuatro Rayas Winery names enologist Sergio Fiorentini new Export Director

Fiorentini will manage the brand‘s international sales in a time of growing demand for the wine known as "Rueda‘s Verdejo in the World"

La Seca (Valladolid), June 9, 2016. - Cuatro Rayas Winery has named the Argentinian enologist Sergio Fiorentini its new Export Director.  Fiorentini will lead a department which presently exports Verdejo to more than 60 countries, some 60 markets where the demand for high quality Verdejo wine is growing daily.
   Fiorentini, who has worked at leading firms in the wine sector with significant international reach, brings significant sales and marketing experience, in addition to vast knowledge of the wine industry as an enologist and agricultural engineer.  "Since I come from the noted wine region of Mendoza, Argentina, I have always felt wine traditions to be my own", says the recently named export director, "Rueda and Verdejo combine history, tradition, and a modern touch, which give Cuatro Rayas‘ products the requisite spirit to remain "Rueda‘s Verdejo in the World".  
   Born in Mendoza, Argentina, Fiorentini possess a multi-disciplinary background - in sales and marketing (OIV Master of Science (MSc) in Wine Management from the University of Paris-Ouest) and as an enologist and agricultural engineer (School of Agricultural Sciences - National University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina).  He began his professional career working at major firms in Argentina, then moved to France in 1998 to pursue his post-graduate studies.  He remained in France as Project Manager at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research in Angers.  Fiorentini has spent his last 16 years associated with major firms in the Spanish wine sector, including Miguel Torres and Gonzalez Byass, directing sales in the highest grossing international markets.  Through his professional development, Fiorentini has mastered the essential dynamics of the wine sector with an international vision.
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