31 Jan 2017

Sales of Bodega Cuatro Rayas increase by 17% to €27 million

They incorporate the engineer Luis Miguel Bernardo González as director of Operations and finalize the start-up of a new bottling plant that will double their production capacity
They launch a new corporate image: a classic emblem that updates and highlights the image and reputation of the wines of Agrícola Castellana

La Seca (Valladolid) January 31, 2016.- Bodega Cuatro Rayas, a leader in processing and marketing of white wine in Castile and León, closed the year 2016 with a turnover figure which is a new record in its more than 80-year history: more than 27 million euros, an amount that is 17 percent higher than the previous year and that positions the cellar, once again, among the five largest of the Denominations of Origin of Castile and León by wealth generated.

   With more than 300 partners that have around 2,300 hectares of own vineyard they bottle around one-fifth of the wine of the Denomination of Origin Rueda. They currently employ more than 70 workers. With the 2015 vintage, the winery launched two new wines that have driven their growth: ‘Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias‘ (a verdejo on lees for sale exclusively by the hotel and catering trade) and ‘Cuatro Rayas Ribera del Duero Roble‘, a limited edition of red wine that was the company‘s first approach to that Denomination of Origin. 

   The company, on the other hand, is finishing the construction of its new warehouse and bottling plant, which will be ready in the spring. For this reason, they have incorporated the Valladolid engineer Luis M. Bernardo as the new director of operations. Bernardo, with extensive experience in highly competitive sectors such as automotive, is immersed in the start-up of the bottling line (whose machinery is mostly of Spanish manufacture). The line will make it possible to double bottling capacity, which will mean being able to adjust times with the objective of providing a better service to the winery‘s growing millions of customers, which are located in more than 60 different countries. 

New corporate image
Agrícola Castellana, the company‘s founding name, from now on will be the name by which it is so popularly known: Bodega Cuatro Rayas. This name derives from its most recognized brand: Cuatro Rayas. But in this winery located in La Seca, the cradle of the Verdejo from the DO Rueda, some thirty other brands are produced. Azumbre, 61, Visigodo, Nave Sur, Cantarranas, Bitácora, Dolce Bianco and a long list of whites, reds and rosés that many times are not identified as wines from the Valladolid company.  For this reason, the winery has created a new emblem that will be incorporated gradually to the wine brands that it sells, replacing the reference Agrícola Castellana. However, it will not replace the image and typography that now appears on the traditional labels of the Cuatro Rayas brand. The goal is for the new symbol to be an identifying nexus of the Agrícola Castellana cooperative. This logo that accompanies the name and the year 1935 is composed of four bottles intertwined like a hashtag (#) and somewhat reminiscent of a branding iron or seal.

   In this sense, it acts as a symbol that combines tradition and modernity and which will be used in 3 three versions to be used according to the appropriateness and medium need in its broadest spectrum: labels, packaging, paper, digital photography formats or video, etc...). A classic emblem that updates and highlights the image and reputation of the wines of Agrícola Castellana

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