18 Jun 2017

Cuatro Rayas Winery Members choose Ignacio Martín Obregon as new president

The DO wine grower take over from Fernando Prieto who has held the position for eight years

La Seca (Valladolid), 18 May 2017 This Sunday, Cuatro Rayas Winery members, Agrícola Castellana cooperative, chose in an ordinary general meeting the new members of its Governing Council. In these elections, the Designation of Origin winegrower, Ignacio Martín Obregón has been elected as the new president of the leading producer and marketing winery of white wine in Castile and Leon.

   Upon his appointment, Martín Obregón stressed, “we are one of the best cooperatives in Castile and Leon, these are not our words, but the Regional Union of Agrarian Cooperatives (Urcacyl) always takes us as an example. Not just the members of the Council are responsible for the success of the cooperative, but every single one of the partners. I am grateful for the trust placed in me”, he asserted. The last few years vice president, Ignacio García Obregón, will be accompanied in the winery by Raúl Díez Román as new vice president, Bertín Sobrino Miranda as treasurer, Ángel Calleja, Fernando de Íscar, José Ignacio Gonzalez and Álvaro González Piñero as spokespersons, Álvaro García Prieto, Germán Román and Fernando Vidal as controllers.

   During the general meeting, it was stated that Fernando Prieto García’s work has been instrumental in the modernization and expansion of Agrícola Castellana. During eight years as president of Cuatro Rayas Winery, his vision of progress and leadership spirit have laid the foundations for the members to face the future with economic optimism and social commitment. In 2009, Fernando Prieto was chosen to replace the two decades president, Amador Díez.

Record turnover Furthermore
The members of Cuatro Rayas, a leader in producing and marketing white wine in Castile and León region, approved the accounts for the financial year 2016, with a new record turnover in its more than eighty years of history. About 27 million euros turnover, a 17 percent more than the previous financial year, positions the winery once more among the biggest five in all the Designation of Origin of Castile and Leon for the generated wealth. 

Constant investments in technology
Situated in the heart of Rueda, it accounts for nearly 20 percent of the Designation of Origin production.  The partners held around 2,300 hectares of own vineyards.  Since the foundation in 1935, it has been a pioneer adapting the new trends in viticulture and winemaking processes. Their constant investments in technology, marketing, communication, and expertise, make it a benchmark winery among the Spanish white wine producers, as well as internationally.
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