28 Aug 2017

Cuatro Rayas becomes consolidated in Ribera del Duero with a new project in Pedrosa

Cuatro Rayas releases onto the market Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias Ribera del Duero, a little more than 20 thousand bottles of a special Tempranillo varietal selection from 40 years-old vines becoming the second production of the brand in the area. It will be sold exclusively to restaurants and speciality shops.

Pedrosa de Duero (Burgos) and La Seca (Valladolid), 28 August 2017. Winemaker Elena M. Oyagüe, who has recently taken up the post of Winery technical director of Cuatro Rayas Winery, was in charge of making a special selection of Tempranillo variety, which is called upon to become a new reference in Ribera del Duero.  Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias Ribera del Duero 2015 is the result of 40 years-old grapes and vines, and the second wine of the winery in that Designation of Origin. This project was presented one year ago, allowing the leading winery in winemaking and commercialising of Rueda white wines to own its place in the commercialisation of quality red wines. 

    Produced in Pedrosa de Duero, this new wine is already one of the most special and exclusive among Cuatro Rayas Winery catalogue. That is why wanted to it to be part of ‘Cuarenta Vendimias’ wines family, a range of wines born from 2014 vintage with the aim to pay homage the winemaker, Ángel Calleja. He was the driving force of the winery for more than forty years and, recently, has handed over the baton to Oyagüe and the young winemaker Roberto López Tello. However, Calleja is always keeping an eye on the evolution of the winery as a member of the Governing Council of the cooperative based in La Seca. ‘Cuarenta Vendimias’ brand is comprised of the original Verdejo variety wine, produced with the recipe of the 40 years of experience of Ángel Calleja, while ten months barrel aged Ribera del Duero Tempranillo variety, and the Sauvignon Blanc are vinified under Elena M. Oyagüe’s watchful eye.

    We started working in Ribera del Duero in 2015 harvest as a response to our client‘s demands, both national and international, as well as Cuatro Rayas Verdejo consumers, who understand that the Rueda’s Verdejo and Ribera’s Tempranillo duality has recently become one of the greatest brand ambassadors of the Spanish quality wines. 

Tasting Note: Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias Ribera del Duero 2015
It is a red wine with a cherry red, deep colour with purple highlights, on the nose, it is powerful and clean, aromas reminiscent of liquorice and ripe black fruits, blackberry and ripe plum hints over a background of spices very well balanced with mocha and dark-roasted flavours of the barrel.  Powerful on the palate with complexity and structure, sweet and well-balanced tannins, flavours reminiscent of blackberry hints and spicy notes appear in the aftertaste.  It has a very long finish.
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