25 Jan 2018

Cuatro Rayas bottles a selected solera of ‘61’ Dorado, a fortified wine with ‘mother’ barrels from the 40's

The fortified wine renews its image to celebrate the 80th anniversary since the founding members decided to make a coupage and age jointly their family wines in the cooperative

La Seca (Valladolid), 25 January 2018.- For decades, the winegrowing region of Rueda was well known for the production of fortified wines. They were different from other fortified wines due to their toasted colour and high alcohol content. Not many wines were so associated with their growing region. Agrícola Castellana Cooperative, better known by its trade name Cuatro Rayas Winery, has been the bulwark in conserving this traditional wine for decades.

    To commemorate 80 years since the founding members mixed their family-owned aged wines as the starting point of the cooperative and of this wine (1938), the winery has bottled a selected solera of ‘61’ Dorado, a brand that has been commercialised since the 50’s and has become a reference among the lovers of Rueda’s quality wines.

    In 1938, the very young cooperative started to gather the efforts of all members, who, until then, used to make this kind of wines in their own homes following the winemaking processes inherited from their ancestors. In 1938 vintage, members decided to take the wine to the winery for the first time and put it into big wooden vats. They chose the best they had with a clear objective: ageing the wine collectively in everyone’s home. Once they loaded the wooden vats with wine, number 61 was the best of all, which is why they decided that 61 would become the name shown on the first bottles: Fino 61. It was the birth of the first trademark of the cooperative.

The secret lies in the overripe grapes 
Thus, this white wine (Verdejo and Palomino varietal) takes its name ‘Dorado’ –golden in Spanish– because it refers to its ageing time. It has a high alcohol content (15%) and takes a long ageing time. The secret remains in the overripe grapes, and the fermentation and solera system. Its golden colour, its aroma and a slightly toasted flavour characterise it. Golden, clean and bright. Ageing: Produced by biological ageing, in the last stage, the wine we take and transfer to the last year barrel carries out the oxidative ageing, getting that colour and becoming golden. The wine acquires better body and unique organoleptic characteristics reminiscent of smoke and vanilla. It also has hints of nuts and raisins. It has a slightly toasty flavour.

Cuatro Rayas Winery is located in the heart of Rueda; it accounts for 20% of the production in the Designation of Origin. Over 300 winery members own more than 2,300 hectares of vineyard. Since the foundation in 1935, it has been a pioneer adapting the new trends in viticulture and winemaking. The constant investments in technology, marketing, communication and expertise make the winery a benchmark in the production of Spanish white wines, and worldwide.
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