19 Mar 2018

PROWEIN '18 Cuatro Rayas Winery opts for a beneficial vineyard fauna to adorn its organic and vegan range

The cooperative from DO Rueda renews the image of the organic line, launched in 2012, responding to the increasing demand, both national and international, of this type of wine. In addition to the guarantees of organic agriculture it had over many years, 2017 harvest gets a new European certification of vegan wine

Düsseldorf, 19th of March.- Cuatro Rayas’ organic range represents the wines most consistent with the environment and the winemaking process. They are an example of the biodiversity in the vineyard, understood as something natural and wild, depicting the fauna that lives in it and is necessary for maintaining the main functions of the winegrowing agrosystem. A controlled presence of insects and protection birds stands for health, quality and natural management of harmful pests in the vine.

    For this reason, to adorn the DO Rueda Tempranillo red wine, we have chosen a bee given that there are studies that validate the benefit of hives near a vineyard; they are a species that helps to pollinate and maintain the ecosystem. We have chosen an owl for the Rueda Verdejo wine, an example of a bird of prey, as little owls are present in the regions where the river Douro flows through; they are nocturnal animals that feed on insects, worms and other small invertebrates harmful to the vines. The presence of birds and insects like the owl and bees in the vineyard is both important due to their capacity to control pests and to its interest in conservation and ecotourism appeal.   

CAECyL (Castile and Leon Organic Farming Board) is a controlling public authority. Including its seal on the label of the wine, ensures that Cuatro Rayas Winery complies with organic farming requirements and demands. It also certifies the seal of Organic Agriculture in the EU.

    On the other hand, the winery has included in 2017 vintage organic Verdejo and Tempranillo wines, along with two other non-organic Verdejo variety products like Cuatro Rayas Viñedos Centenarios and Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias, the seal of the European Vegetarian Union that certifies that all the products used within the winery processes are considered vegan.

The winegrower members of Cuatro Rayas Winery, under the strict supervision of the Vineyard Technical Team of the winery led by the recognised professional in DO Rueda José Martín del Campo, are committed to sustainable practices. Some examples of this are that the manure we use is organic farming certified, we also promote the plots to have a vegetation cover and use bio-stimulants and phytoregulators to make plants stronger against possible diseases and, above all, we perform a greater number of works in the field.

    Once in the winery, under the watchful eye of our Technical Manager, the winemakers Elena M. Oyagüe and Roberto L. Tello ensure that only organic farming certified oenological products are used in every one of the processes they perform. They take particular care with sulphur levels, as the permitted concentration is 30mg/L lower than the value for non-organic wines.

    The winemaking in white wines takes a pre-fermentation cold maceration at 6ºC for 4 hours. Fermentation at a controlled temperature, 12ºC, to keep the variety aromatic profile, for approximately 15 days. Clarification with bentonite. Cold stabilisation. In red wines, they perform a cryomaceration with liquid CO2, which leads to a slight carbonic maceration. Following an alcoholic fermentation at 20ºC for 15 days with daily rack and returns. Three months in new American and French oak barrels. Clarification with vegetable protein and cold stabilisation.
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