28 Aug 2018

Real Valladolid Cuatro Rayas shines against Messi’s Barcelona

Thanks to the media impact of FC Barcelona and the Argentinian star, the brand of the winery from Valladolid reaches countries all over the world

La Seca, 28 August 2018.- Last Saturday, the white and violet team, portraying the logo of Cuatro Rayas Winery on their chest, lost by one goal, but offered a great image against one of the best teams in the world at the coming back of the Nuevo José Zorrilla stadium to the top flight of the Spanish football.

After drawing against Girona on the first day of the league, the white and violet stadium received the reigning world champion in a great feast for the city of Valladolid. After four years of absence, the fans of Real Valladolid, team sponsored by Cuatro Rayas Winery, came back to ‘taste’ the First Division and Sergio González’ players did not disappoint. With a serious defence and a generous effort, the team picked up its game, losing the respect of, and even stretching the powerful Barcelona team on several stages of the match. Having the ideas clear and the required audacity, Valladolid offered the public a game keeping up with its rival, and maybe a draw would have been fairer.

After 57 minutes of the game and when Real Valladolid was playing its best, Barcelona took the lead thanks to a goal scored by the French winger Dembelé due to a defence mistake of the team from Valladolid. Far from breaking down, Toni, Anuar, Calero and the rest of the team did not cease to look for the draw. But, when the injury time came, and after several occasions of the locals, Keko delivered a header that sent the ball to the back of the net after a great pass from the left touchline receiving a standing ovation from the devoted public. However, the goal was disallowed for offside by the controversial VAR, and Real Valladolid could not finish its great performance with a point. Despite the bitter end, the feeling was frankly good, and served to get the hopes of the devoted fans up (even more), waiting for great results during this 2018 - 19 season. Also, thanks to the international impact of FC Barcelona and its stars, half of the world was able to see Valladolid’s good play and get to know Cuatro Rayas brand.

Real Valladolid and Cuatro Rayas, a top-flight couple
After the brilliant promotion reached in extremis in the last season, Real Valladolid and Cuatro Rayas Winery continue to walk together and steadily the path of this adventure –the coming back to the First Division– in an exciting project that intertwines top football with one of the greatest attractions of Castile and Leon, its wine. Cuatro Rayas Winery is the benchmark winery of the Spanish white wines. The cooperative from La Seca produces around 20% of the production in the praised DO Rueda, a region where its wines account for more than 10% of sales of domestic wine. Cuatro Rayas Winery is a leading brand with 83 years of history that brings together the passion for grapes of 300 winegrowers, and it maintains a strong international vocation, reaching more than 60 countries. A wine with a quality and requirement level in its product as those characterising the Real Valladolid and Spanish football.

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