05 Sep 2018

Real Valladolid and Cuatro Rayas Winery toast to a ‘top-flight’ harvest

The players of Real Valladolid visit the flagship winery of the Verdejo wine in DO Rueda upon commencement of 2018 harvest

The Cooperative welcomes Ronaldo offering him a customised bottle of Cuatro Rayas Verdejo: “Ronaldo Nazario, Bem-vindo”

5 September, La Seca (Valladolid).- As every September since five ‘seasons’ ago, Real Valladolid, led by its president Carlos Suárez, at the first public event of the white and purple team since the ex-football player purchased the Team on last Monday, visited this Wednesday the facilities of its main sponsor, Cuatro Rayas Winery. All players, coaching staff and part of the board enjoyed a different day among barrels and vats of the best Verdejo wine.

Ignacio Martín Obregón, president of Cuatro Rayas Winery and Vicente Orihuela Villameriel, managing director, hosted this unique tour, where Real Valladolid could savour the intricacies of the flagship winery of Verdejo wine in DO Rueda. The white and purple team arrived in the winery located in La Seca at 13 hours and began the visit, as is only natural, in the heart of the cooperative, where we produce the best Verdejo wine in DO Rueda and bottle around 17 million bottles of quality wine that we then send to nearly 60 countries.

The route took them from the Central Shed to the official store, including the barrel room. First of all, Orihuela congratulated the team for last season brilliant promotion and the exciting start of the current one. Afterwards, the players renewed their imprint in the winery –which has already become a tradition– signing the vat dedicated to Real Valladolid which reads “Por un Brindis de Primera” (To a Top-flight Toast in Spanish). This vat shall be filled with the first must of the Verdejo grapes coming from the contributions made by the more than 300 members of the cooperative once the harvest campaign starts. After this break, Vicente Orihuela showed them the barrel room where he told them about the history of the winery, how it works, the winemaking process, and finally, he thanked the club for “the last five years of happy marriage”.

Special Cuatro Rayas Verdejo: Ronaldo Nazario, Bem-vindo After visiting the traditional facilities, they continued to the Cuatro Rayas Winery official store, a sophisticated shop that was completely renovated last year, perfect to welcome the most demanding buyer. There, the managers of the company, Ignacio Martín and Vicente Orihuela took the opportunity to welcome the new and acclaimed owner of the white and purple club, the football legend Ronaldo Nazario, and they gave the president of Real Valladolid, Carlos Suárez, a commemorative bottle of Cuatro Rayas Verdejo with a label that read “Ronaldo Nazario, Bem-vindo”. Likewise, they offered him a second bottle dedicated to Suárez himself, which read “Carlos Suárez, ¡Aúpa Valladolid!, to express our gratitude to his work and dedication leading the club from Valladolid for more than 17 years.

Lastly, we proposed a fun game that combined football and wine equally to the players. Four of them volunteered –Keko, Yoel, Óscar Plano and Borja–, they should manage to uncork, as quickly as possible, a bottle using goalkeeper gloves, an arduous feat that triggered the laughter and jokes of their colleagues. Borja, captain of the team, won with ease, showing that the difference lies in experience. The event came to an end with a fellowship meal, paired with Cuatro Rayas’ white and red wines.
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