11 Sep 2018

‘Wine Enthusiast Magazine’ awards 90 points to Cuatro Rayas Winery pre-phylloxera Verdejo wine

The prestigious American magazine will publish in November the score awarded to ‘Amador Diez Cuvée 2015’

September 2018, La Seca (Valladolid).- ‘Wine Enthusiast Magazine’, international reference publication in wine, has awarded 90 points out of 100 to Cuatro Rayas Winery Verdejo cuvée Amador Diez 2015, which adds up to the long list of acknowledgements received by this exclusive wine since the beginning of its commercialisation in 2017.

Amador Diez, named after the former president who served the winery for 21 years, comes from grapes of the oldest vineyards of the cooperative, in particular, from a selection made to the best ten pre-phylloxera hectares of century-old vineyards located in Aldeanueva del Codonal, province of Segovia. It is the most artisan and exclusive product of the Designation of Origin Rueda and, therefore, of the winery established in 1935.

The grapes are harvested by hand and carefully selected, and the bottle becomes ready after finishing the fermenting period in 500L new French oak barrels, with an eight-month bâtonnage. It is worth noting that it is produced with our indigenous yeasts, a unique fact that differentiates it from other commercial and well-known brands to the consumers of the wines of this region.

November issue
Wine Enthusiast Magazine –which will publish in November the score of ‘Amador Diez 2015‘– is an American magazine specialised in the wine world. It started in New York in 1988, and since then it has become a great asset in the popularisation of wine, bringing it closer to the general public. Having more than 800,000 readers worldwide, Wine Enthusiast Magazine publishes around 10,000 new wine reviews every year and awards them a score out of 100 points. Also, the magazine creates different lists with the 100 best wines depending on the regions of provenance, price, etc. Its reviews and pieces have great influence among consumers and professionals of the wine sector.
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