20 Sep 2018

Cuatro Rayas Verdejo wine travels around Europe thanks to Lufthansa

The leading German airline has chosen Cuarenta Vendimias Verdejo to accompany its short and medium-haul flights in business and tourist class

Also, Cuatro Rayas’ 61 Vermouth Verdejo, has been selected by the Canadian Liquor board to become part of the country’s gastronomic offer

La Seca, September 2018.- Business and tourist class customers of the German company Lufthansa were the first to enjoy in the sky one of the most exclusive white wines of DO Rueda, Cuatro Rayas’ Cuarenta Vendimias Verdejo. This award-winning brand has been selected from hundreds of wines to become part of the airline food supply during their flights throughout the European continent.

By doing so, one of the world’s most powerful airlines highlights the excellence of Cuatro Rayas Winery and brings the brand to people all over the world. Deutsche Lufthansa AG, company based in Cologne, is considered the largest airline company in Europe since 2009, with a 10% market share in Spain and 130 million passengers transported to all corners of the globe in 2017.

Produced from more than 40 years-old vines and aged in vats for 5 months on its fine lees ‘bâtonnage’, Cuarenta Vendimias Verdejo is made with 100% Verdejo variety. Intense and clean on the nose, with strong aromas of traditional Verdejo wines: fennel, undergrowth, very well balanced. It has a fat and long palate, with structure and a long finish, very mellow on the attack. It is an excellent wine to pair with rice, pasta, fish and white meat and now all the million customers that travel around Europe with Lufthansa have already at their disposal as of this Summer.

‘61 Vermouth Verdejo’ arrives in Canada
The international expansion of Cuatro Rayas Winery goes further than Cuarenta Vendimias Verdejo. ‘61 Vermouth Verdejo’ is also in luck after recently entering Canada’s competitive market, a country with a food monopoly (SAQ), very restricted that only imports the best quality foreign products. Cuatro Rayas’ Vermouth will be available in more than 400 shops throughout this North American country, thus becoming the ninth country to have this ground- breaking brand work of the winemaker Roberto L. Tello, after Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Another success in the resume of this brand that does not cease to win followers since its release last year.
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