11 Oct 2018

2018 Harvest: great quality, with new vineyards and a complete absence of rainfall

La Seca (Valladolid), 11 October 2018.- Cuatro Rayas Winery has completed this Thursday 11 October, following exactly a month since the harvest started, the campaign where we perform the collection of the grape, based on the age of the vineyards. In vineyards with more than forty-years-old, we performed the harvest in boxes, selecting grapes from different plots in the refrigerated chamber, and we carried out the Inertis pneumatic press process (to protect 100% of the pressed must from oxidation).

    Located in the heart of Rueda, Cuatro Rayas accounts for about 16% of the wine production in the Designation of Origin Rueda. Winery’s members own about 2,500 hectares of vineyard, including some of the oldest extensions of vineyards in the Designation. In this year’s harvest, more than one million kilos come from manual harvesting of old vineyards, with more than forty years old and even century-old ones, while the rest is the result of night mechanical harvest.

    According to José Martín del Campo, Cuatro Rayas Winery Vineyard Technical Manager, and in turn, vice-president of the D.O., a professional working in Rueda’s vineyards since 1992: “It is the first time our winery finishes a campaign with a total absence of rainfall. Not a single drop of rain in a month”. He affirms that this fact has made it possible for the grapes to arrive at the winery in the best sanitary conditions and with an optimum degree of ripeness. Martín del Campo highlights that “the harvest has been done in a very gradual manner taking advantage of the winery extensions and the new fermentation vats”. “Thermal contrast between day and night has been quite strong, as is customary in the region, a difference of around 20 degrees. The values of potential alcohol were quite balanced and with great acidity”, he confirms.

Manual harvest in boxes and night mechanical harvest
The cooperative, which has more than 300 members settled in 30 villages in the provinces of Valladolid and Segovia, has collected around 19 million kilos of grapes.  It is an abundant harvest with new Verdejo and Sauvignon vineyards introduced by the members of the cooperative. Also, we have performed a wider harvest of organic vineyards given the increasing demand of this type of wine, as well as a night mechanical harvest on trellis-trained vines, aiming to pick up the grapes quicker, at low temperature and without daylight to avoid their oxidation.  
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