25 Oct 2018

Cuatro Rayas sets a musical backdrop to its ‘61’ range of wines at Enofestival

The cooperative winery from La Seca will again be present this year in the show that combines music and wine, representing the indigenous Verdejo variety with three of its wines

La Seca (Valladolid), 25 October 2018.- Cuatro Rayas Winery participates once again in an edition of the Enofestival, a show that combines wine and music to bring young people closer to the sector. Once again, Madrid’s Círculo de Bellas Artes will host wineries and artists in what has already become a regular activity in the cultural and entertainment calendar of the city. 

        On this occasion, Cuatro Rayas winery participates with three elaborations very different from each other, but faithful to the Verdejo variety: a fortified wine, a vermouth and a frizzante that combine the traditional and modern characteristics of the winery to bring customers quality wines and creations, while respecting the characteristics of the variety.

        ‘61’ Dorado, a fortified wine with mother barrels from the 40s. This white wine (Verdejo and Palomino varietal) takes its name ‘Dorado’ –golden in Spanish– after to its ageing time. It has a high alcohol content (15%) and takes a long ageing time. This wine is clearly defined by its golden colour, aroma and slightly toasty flavour. ‘61’ Vermouth Verdejo, the first winery vermouth available in the market claiming its Verdejo roots, a white wine macerated with a careful selection of botanicals providing it with a mahogany shade and low bush aromas. ‘61’ Frizzante 5.5 Verdejo, Cuatro Rayas’ effervescent Verdejo wine, naturally produced with a selection of Verdejo grapes. It is ideal as an aperitif.

Cuatro Rayas Winery
More than 300 families make a living by what the cooperative winery provides them. The production is over 15 million bottles per year in a wide range of brands, that is the best preference of white wine consumption in Spain, and unquestionable leaders among the consumers of Castile and Leon region, the home of Designation of Origin Rueda. International sales reinforce the income statement, with a significant presence in the German market, followed by The Netherlands and United Kingdom (among a list of more than 60 countries, including the US, Russia, Mexico, China and Japan). Although Cuatro Rayas is the flagship brand of the winery, we also have more than 30 brands available throughout the world, including Azumbre, Visigodo, Nave Sur and Bitácora.
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