07 Mar 2019

Cuatro Rayas Winery, example of the wine sector transformation through VinoTEC-Dynamics and Microsoft’s cloud service

  • The winery has optimised its operations, communications and data analysis through VinoTEC-Dynamics, an application supported on Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI and the cloud platform Microsoft Azure.
  • Cuatro Rayas has shortened the response times by 25% in more than 60 markets, managing around 2,500 hectares of cooperative-owned vineyard and coordinating nearly 400 professionals, between cooperative members and workers.
  • The implementation of Cuatro Rayas digitisation project has been led by Microsoft Partner TIPSA, project manager and developer of the application for the wine sector VinoTEC.
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Madrid, March 2019.- Cuatro Rayas Winery has chosen VinoTEC-Dynamics, the wine management application developed by TIPSA on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, to start with the digital transformation process. As a result, the winery has optimised its production methods and reduced by 25% the response times, which seem to improve remarkably every day. It has also optimised the quality of its operations and the service offered to its customers and partners and it can now base its business decisions on real-time analysed data, meaning a great competitive advantage.

    Cuatro Rayas, located in the heart of DO Rueda, was established in 1935 and, since then, has managed to adapt perfectly to the new viticulture trends and winemaking processes. Thanks to its continued investments in technology, marketing and communication, as well as their experience in the sector, it has become a benchmark winery of the Spanish white wines.

    Recently, this cooperative took a step forward and entrusted Microsoft and its partner TIPSA the implementation of VinoTEC-Dynamics, tool that has enabled this company to become a business success operating in more than 60 markets, managing around 2,500 hectares of cooperative-owned vineyard, producing about 17 million bottles per year and coordinating a workforce of about 400 professionals, between cooperative members and workers.

Management Unification with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Central Business
Cuatro Rayas also promotes an interesting wine tourism offer, a business line that shares management platform with the rest of the winery departments through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the most advanced business management software on which VinoTEC is based. The goal is to provide the customer with a personalised experience with the highest security level and data management compliance.
“We have always thought that much of the success lies in a balanced combination of commercial activity and quality of our products and services for members and customers”, noted Vicente Orihuela, Cuatro Rayas Winery Managing Director. “A quality defined by the continuous improvements to the technical and oenological processes of the winemaking and ageing; in the management of financial operations and in the supply chain. All of this without ignoring the information security mechanisms and the new multi-channel communication methods that customers, members or partners now demand and paying special attention to the comprehensive and detailed analysis of the data”, he concluded.

Taking advantage of the unlimited capability of the cloud 
Cloud technology has simplified the management and maintenance of Cuatro Rayas IT structure. Microsoft Azure’s flexibility has made it possible for the winery to access technologies that, until recently, were limited to large corporations. Platforms as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Central Business have removed entry barriers making available to every company services as Office 365 and Dynamics 365, and tools such as Power BI, where Artificial Intelligence analyses data in real time to make the right decision at every step. 
    The implementation of this type of solutions into the daily work of the winery has managed to position Cuatro Rayas as a renowned wine company in quality and importance, representing more than 20% of the bottled wine in Designation of Origin Rueda.  “Azure has allowed us to, for example, expand quickly and securely all our e-commerce and Power BI has reduced the preparation time of priority indicators and reports for the management teams of the organisation significantly.  Therefore, our commitment to technology is still alive; it is, without doubt, a driving force for the future. We will need to adopt, or at least pose, new horizons where, according to the experts, Artificial Intelligence has much to say and contribute”, explained Mario González, manager of Cuatro Rayas IT Department.

About Cuatro Rayas Winery - The Verdejo Wine from Rueda and the Tempranillo Wine from Ribera
In 1935, a cooperative known nowadays as Cuatro Rayas Winery was born. In the 50s, it was named after the plot where four municipalities met and where the best grapes were according to the elders. More than eighty years later, around 400 people, whose origin and fate are now rooted in the vineyards of 30 villages, make possible for The Verdejo Wine from Rueda and The Tempranillo Wine from Ribera to reach wine lovers from all over the world.

    Current winegrowers and employees put the same dedication into grapes as their grandparents, keeping their eyes, not only in the future of their old and century-old vineyards but also in the future of the people who work on them. After more than 80 years, wine and social sustainability remain the cornerstone of Cuatro Rayas, the cornerstone of a winery that brings together tradition and innovation. Equipped with new technologies for production and storage processes optimisation to become a leading company in the digital era. For more information: +34 983 816 320

About TIPSA - VinoTEC

Tipsa is a Microsoft Partner specialised in helping wineries and wine cooperatives to integrate their business processes and optimise operations, promoting collaborative work, mobility and efficient analysis of the data. It is the developer and owner of VinoTEC, a set of ERP and CRM applications developed in Dynamics 365, that natively operates on Office 365, Azure and Power BI applications. For more information: +34 941 202 069 | 

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