18 Mar 2019

Cuatro Rayas Winery makes clear at Prowein the great ageing potential of DO Rueda wines

Cuatro Rayas Winery presents Amador Diez 2017, the second vintage of the special pre-phylloxera Verdejo cuvée produced with selected grapes from ungrafted vines in the region of Segovia and Valladolid; with a production of 3,000 bottles

Düsseldorf, 18 March 2019.- Winetasters and importers of the main wine markets got the chance to know exclusively this week in Germany the second vintage of a wine that, since its release two years ago, managed to carve a niche among the most prestigious high-end wines in Spain. Amador Diez 2017, brand named after the former president of the winery who worked for two decades and is one on the most respected figures in DO Rueda, is a wine already listed in the wine menus of great restaurants and many of the best specialist shops both in the national and international markets.

     It is a wine that represents a return to the origins of Rueda, respecting the tradition and natural environment of the oldest vineyards in Designation of Origin Rueda. Amador Diez is a unique wine made with a scarce raw material: a selection of the best grapes coming from the oldest, century-old, pre-phylloxera vineyards in the DO, which in 2017 accounted for 10 hectares of vineyard owned by the winegrower members between the province of Segovia and Valladolid. The winemaking process aimed to improve its longevity, so it is ideal for drinking at present, and it has great ageing potential, a characteristic highly appreciated by importers since it contributes to future consumption.

     This new vintage will coexist in the market with 2015 vintage, with very limited production and whose sales have been carried out by an allotted quota due to the small number of bottles available. The winemaker Roberto L. Tello, who along with Elena M. Oyagüe have carried on Ángel Calleja’s legacy –Cuatro Rayas winemaker during four decades–, was responsible for presenting it to importers of premium products from all over the world, who wine tasted both vintages.

Vertical wine tasting
This Verdejo Cuvée has eight-month battonage on its lees in 500L new French oak barrels. “It has a straw-yellow colour. Varietal aromas dominate on the nose, white fruit and citric and fennel. The barrel ageing brings delicate sweet aromas, such as coconut, vanilla and other more complex as liquorice.  Fresh, fatty and intense on the palate with hints reminiscent of the variety”, explained L. Tello in Düsseldorf. He also noted that 2015 vintage still has long ageing potential and it had evolved greatly since its release 24 months ago. “It has a pale golden colour, and it is very complex on the nose, where aromas of the variety, white fruit jam and honey appear in perfect harmony with toffee and nuts aromas, resulting from the barrel ageing. Its freshness and unctuousness continue to stand out on the palate. It is very long and has an intense aftertaste reminiscent of the variety and nuts”, he affirmed.

Wine world summit
Prowein, a trade fair for Wines and Spirits which is taking place from Sunday to this Tuesday in Düsseldorf, is the largest showcase of the wine world. It is an annual event for professionals of the wine and other spirits industries and is the most important on its category due to its specialisation. It represents an essential meeting point that brings together more than 6,000 exhibitors from 60 countries and attracts around 60,000 visitors from more than 120 countries.  
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