08 Apr 2019

Peñín backs Cuatro Raya’s quality awarding six wines scores above 90 points

Cuatro Rayas Viñedos Centenarios, Amador Diez, Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias, 61 Dorado, Cuatro Rayas Fermentado en Barrica and Cuatro Rayas 1935

La Seca (Valladolid), 08 April 2019 The last on-line version of the Peñín Guide has been published and six of Cuatro Rayas Winery brands have been awarded scores above 90 points: Cuatro Rayas Viñedos Centenarios and Amador Diez 93 points respectively, Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias 92 points, ‘61 ’ Dorado, Cuatro Rayas Fermentado en Barrica and Cuatro Rayas 1935, all of them 91 points.

     Amador Diez is a Verdejo Cuvée produced with grapes coming from the oldest vineyards of the winery and a careful selection of bunch of grapes. The fermentation in new French oak barrel and 8-month batônnage produce a bright and full-bodied wine with light toasted hints. Cuatro Rayas Viñedos Centenarios: is a wine produced from our oldest vineyards and using the most traditional harvesting and wine making methods, that provide the balance and elegance of the Verdejo variety. Cuarenta Vendimias Verdejo is produced with grapes coming from over 40-year-old goblet-trained vineyards in gravelly soil. ‘61’ Dorado, is a fortified wine with mother barrels from the 1940s. Thus, this white wine (Verdejo and Palomino varietal) takes its name ‘Dorado’ –golden in Spanish– because it refers to its ageing time. It has a high alcohol content (15% Vol.) and takes a long ageing time. It is characterized by its golden colour, its aroma and a slightly toasted flavour.

Peñín Guide 2020
This is the most comprehensive Spanish wine guide in the world and one of the most influential. Its scores are the key to open new markets and a reference for customers who want to discover new wines.

Gourmets 2019
From 8 to 11 April, Cuatro Rayas Winery will participate again this year in the national fair ‘Gourmets’ where agri-food sector companies gather to present their latest products. Cuatro Rayas will have a stand located in Hall 4, Stand 4E21.  
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