10 May 2019

‘Wine Enthusiast’ backs the quality of Cuatro Rayas’ Verdejo wine awarding 90 points to two wines

The prestigious magazine will publish in August the scores for Cuatro Rayas Verdejo ‘Vendimia Nocturna’ (90 p.), which will be joining the score ‘Amador Díez’ (90 p.) received

May 2019, La Seca (Valladolid).- ‘Wine Enthusiast Magazine’, an American magazine, international benchmark in the world of wine, awarded 90 points over a total of 100 to a wine produced by Bodega Cuatro Rayas. Specifically, one of the most symbolic wines of the cooperative from Valladolid. Cuatro Rayas ‘Vendimia Nocturna’ (2018 vintage). The score that will be published in August issue joins to the 90-points score awarded last November to Verdejo Cuvée Amador Diez 2015.

     Also qualified as Best Buy (good value for money wine recommended for purchase), Cuatro Rayas ‘Vendimia Nocturna’ is produced with Verdejo variety grapes from selected plots, with night mechanical harvest. This wine is powerful on the nose with hints of white and citric fruit, refreshing and balanced on the palate, with character and a delicate fennel finish. Cuatro Rayas is the appellation of a historic plot of land at the junction of the four areas that, according to the elders in the mid-twentieth century, produced the best grapes for Verdejo wine: La Seca, Rodilana, Medina del Campo and Rueda.

August issue
Wine Enthusiast Magazine –which will publish in August the score of ‘Cuatro Rayas Verdejo Vendimia Nocturna‘– is an American magazine specialised in the wine world; it started in New York in 1988, and since then it has become a great asset in the popularisation of wine, bringing it closer to the general public. Having more than 800,000 readers worldwide, Wine Enthusiast Magazine publishes around 10,000 new wine reviews every year and awards them a score out of 100 points. In addition, the magazine creates different lists with the 100 best wines depending on the regions of provenance, price, etc. Its reviews and pieces have a significant influence among consumers and professionals of the wine sector.
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