20 Nov 2019

Gourmets recognises the quality of Cuatro Rayas’ wines scoring three wines above 90 points

Gourmets guide puts three wines of Bodega Cuatro Rayas on the honour roll: 61 Dorado en Rama (92 points), Amador Diez 2015 (91 points) and 61 Dorado (90 points)

20 October 2019, La Seca (Valladolid). The wines of Bodega Cuatro Rayas will be given a prominent place in the upcoming Salón Gourmets 2020, an event and benchmark publication for major wineries in Spain. In this edition, where 4,300 brands have been tasted, and only about 2,000 have been scored, we can find three of the most prestigious wines of Bodega Cuatro Rayas: 61 Dorado en Rama, Amador Diez 2015 and 61 Dorado, with 92, 91 and 90 points respectively. All of them will join the LMVG area, a dedicated space to showcase The Best Wines in the Guide –those that have reached 90 points or above.

     61 Dorado en Rama; a unique wine made with a selection of half Palomino Fino and half Verdejo grapes, using the most traditional and nobler method, and aged in sherry butts. From the butts to the bottle without clarification or filtering. It is golden, clean and bright. With hints of nuts and raisins. Slightly toasted. Amador Diez 2015; Verdejo variety coming from the oldest –with over a hundred years and even pre-phylloxera– vineyards of the winery. It has a lemon-yellow colour with golden highlights bright, and aromas reminiscent of nuts. Unctuous on the palate. 61 Dorado, white wine, made mainly with Verdejo and some Palomino. Thanks to the biological and oxidative ageing, the wine acquires a better body and unique organoleptic characteristics reminiscent of smoke and vanilla.

Gourmet Wine Guide
It is one of the most prestigious guides of the country featuring the best wines in Spain; it has a wine tasting committee composed of renowned active winemakers, sommeliers, journalists and winetasters. In the last edition, they have tasted more than 4,000 wines and scored just half of them.  
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