12 Dec 2019

Cuatro Rayas launches ‘green & social’, a hallmark that attests its commitment to the environment and social economy

The winery from La Seca appoints Álvaro Gago as director of sustainability intending to boost wine sustainability in rural areas

La Seca (Valladolid), 12 December 2019. Bodega Cuatro Rayas takes a further step in its commitment to the social and natural environment through the presentation of its emblem in defence of wine and social sustainability—a hallmark that attests the commitment of the Cooperative to respect for the environment and the people.

      ‘green & social‘ are the new two terms that summarise the green philosophy revolving around the well-being of the people. To depict it, we created a design with the image of a grape and a smiley face, united by two arrows forming a circle that brings to light the interdependence of the sustainability of the natural environment and the people who live in it.
      As stated in the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan of Bodega Cuatro Rayas, the mission of this cooperative is to improve the living standards of its members and workers to ensure the generation renewal in rural areas, creating wealth and facilitating the employment for the future generations. In the same way, the commitment of the winery to the environment is shown with the implementation of sustainable measures affecting the various stages of wine production. Bodega Cuatro Rayas is a pioneer in the calculation and commitment to the reduction of its logistics management carbon footprint and maintains an agreement with Ecovidrio—a non-profit organisation in charge of managing glass container recycling in Spain—to use lighter bottles. Also, cardboard containers and packaging of the products are made with recycled material, and paper and a significant part of the labelling have the Forest Stewardship Council seal (FSC). In bottling, we prioritise the use of Nomacorc Classic Green stoppers (corks)—made with a material derived from sugar cane, 100% recyclable, and produced with plant-based renewable polymers. Besides, this type of stoppers allows for an excellent control of the oxygen intake inside the bottle and it is the first stopper in the world with a virtually zero carbon footprint. On the other hand, we are working in the development of capsules without plastics and with water-based inks.

Álvaro Gago, manager of sustainability of Bodega Cuatro Rayas

Along with the launch of our hallmark that certifies the sustainability of Bodega Cuatro Rayas‘ products, the cooperative has appointed Álvaro Gago as manager of Sustainability—a position that he will combine with his current work as director of the Department of Communication of the winery. In the words of Gago, “with the ‘green & social‘ hallmark, the Cooperative wants to give value to many social and environmental actions that have been carrying out for years. Furthermore, the implementation of this initiative will serve as a major impetus to further improve and address the coming challenges”.

     Born in Valladolid in 1984, Álvaro Gago has a bachelor‘s degree in Journalism and an MA in Foreign Trade Promotion. He started his career in 2003 as a contributor to the sports section of the "Diario de Valladolid-El Mundo" newspaper. From then on he worked as an editor in different areas of local and national media as ABC, Expansión, Diario Crítico and Vozpópuli. In 2014, after completing an MA in Foreign Trade, he joined the wine industry, both carrying out tasks in the Export department and holding the position of Communication and Public Relations manager. Since 2015, he heads the Department of Communication of Bodega Cuatro Rayas.
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