03 Feb 2020

Bodega Cuatro Rayas launches its new '61' Vermouth Tempranillo at the Barcelona Wine Week

The new drink of the cooperative from Valladolid stands out for its defined vinous character, with black fruit aromas reminiscent of Tempranillo, the base of its recipe.

La Seca (Valladolid), 3 February 2020. Bodega Cuatro Rayas has chosen Barcelona Wine Week —a professional fair for wine industry producers that has opened this very morning in the Catalan city— as a setting to launch the last release of the winery: ‘61’ Vermouth Tempranillo.

       This new 100% Tempranillo vermouth is made from red grapes selected among the best wine plots located in villages that are synonym with wine —La Seca, Medina del Campo, Pozal de Gallinas, Serrada and Villanueva de Duero—, and it is named after the original vat No 61 of Bodega Cuatro Rayas. The botanicals selection used to create the final recipe of this vermouth, which has 3-month ageing in French and American oak barrels and grape skin maceration, has been carried out by the winemaker Roberto L. Tello, responsible for developing the last product of the winery.

Cherry-red colour and vinous aroma
The main characteristic of this ‘61’ Vermouth Tempranillo is its clear and defined vinous aroma, where black fruits show off, with balsamic and spicy hints. The character of the Tempranillo variety used for its preparation is noticeable in its colour, a beautiful cherry-red colour, inherent to the wines made with this grape. Pleasant on the palate; with special care taken on the sweetness, that is balanced with a long bitter finish.

       Thanks to this new release, the winery from Valladolid expands the special ‘61‘ brand range, along with other drinks as ‘61’ Vermouth Verdejo o ‘61’ Frizzante 5.5 Verdejo. Bodega Cuatro Rayas intends to sell it within both Spanish and international markets, and soon, it will be available for purchase in restaurants and bars, as in supermarkets and speciality shops.

       Industry professionals who attend the Barcelona Wine Week, between 3rd and 5th February, will have the chance to learn exclusively about the product at stand 735, where Cuatro Rayas will showcase different product ranges of the winery.
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