14 Apr 2020

Cuatro Rayas will not lay off any workers in order to help Spain in the fight against coronavirus

Rueda’s principal wine cooperative, with nearly 80 employees and over 300 wine producing members from 30 towns, avoids employment cuts as a social responsibility measure.

La Seca, April 14, 2020. - The Board of Directors of Cuatro Rayas Winery held a virtual meeting this week in which it decided not to implement employment cuts despite the significant economic impact caused by the nation’s State of Emergency.  Like the majority of Spanish companies, the Winery is experiencing major obstacles to continued production and growth, with wine sales being particularly hard hit by a complete shutdown of the restaurant and hospitality business.  “The best way for our Winery to assist our nation at this time in its fight against the pandemic is to maintain employment to avoid exacerbating the crisis on a social level”, said Ignacio Martin Obregon, President of Cuatro Rayas Winery.

      The principal winery cooperative of the Rueda Denomination, with nearly 80 employees and over 300 wine producing members from 30 towns in Valladolid and Segovia, Cuatro Rayas has avoided job cuts as part of its sense of social responsibility and an attempt to not add to the public welfare rolls during a health crisis.  “In recent years, our Strategic Plan has emphasized that our principal objective is to improve the lives of our members and employees and, for that reason, the Board of Directors has decided to keep all employment intact as long as possible, despite shortfalls in our sales forecasts”, noted Martin Obregon.

Green and Social Wine
From its beginning, Cuatro Rayas has prioritized the richness of its lands and the well-being of those toiling in the fields; this philosophy defines the Winery’s character and inspires its current Strategic Plan, which states that the mission of the Cuatro Rayas Winery is to guarantee the sustainability and generational success of wine production.  In 2019, which saw nearly 30 million euros in sales, that commitment to the environment and social well-being was affirmed through its “Green and Social” program, a unique initiative that guides actions taken in all areas of its wine production towards environmental conservation and bettering the living standards of our members and employees.

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