07 May 2020

Sales of Cuatro Rayas Verdejo jump 120% in the off-trade

The brand’s strength, with a growing demand for products offering greater value, has boosted sales of this Rueda wine in Spain’s major supermarkets.

La Seca, April 7, 2020.- Bottle sales of Cuatro Rayas Vendimia Nocturna Verdejo wine, a flagship wine with a distinctive orange stripe on the label and standard bearer for the renowned Valladolid winery, jumped 120% in the last four months fueled by sales in Spain’s off-trade, with distribution in El Corte Ingles, Carrefour, Día , Eroski, Froiz, Alcampo, Sabeco (Simply), Unide, Gadis, Covirán, Ahorramás, Establecimientos Plaza, Supermercados Villa de Madrid, La Despensa, La Salve, E. Leclerc and Lupa, among others.  In addition, other sales indicators for the Winery’s red and white wines featuring Rueda, Ribera, and Wine from Castilla and Leon saw sales increase 80% in these shopping centres. 

      A review of the Winery’s commercial sales figures marks this increase as a direct consequence of growing wine consumption at home following quarantine measures imposed by the State of Emergency.  In the most recent analysis of home consumption conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Nutrition (MAPA), the beverage sector has shown a notable increase in wine purchases by Spanish consumers.  Similarly, recent reports by the European Committee of Wine Companies (CEEV) have noted a 10% decline in the average price per bottle of wine, led by a severe decline of 25% to 75% in sales of high end wines, while sales of more accessible wines, as well as white wines, showed growth.

A commitment to society and the environment - A “Green and Social” wine Since it’s founding, the Winery has prioritized care for the environment and for the well-being of rural residents.  This philosophy inspires the current Strategic Plan, which states that the mission of Cuatro Rayas Winery is to guarantee sustainability and generational succession in the wine sector.  In 2019, which saw nearly 30 million euros in sales, the Winery strengthened this commitment to the natural and social environments in which it operates with the launch of its “Green and Social” initiative, a unique seal that binds these actions.

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