02 Jul 2020

Cuatro Rayas Winery champions sustainable quality in its new “box”

Presenting “BIB OCTOGONAL by CUATRO RAYAS”, a bag-in-box respectful of the environment and a tribute to the labor of rural workers.  Elegantly designed with a 2 liter capacity, this Verdejo is recognized by the IGP of Castilla and Leon.

La Seca, July 2, 2020. - Cuatro Rayas Winery launches a new offering that expands its bag-in-box category line - a packaging format with great applications for household use.  The new BIB OCTOGONAL by CUATRO RAYAS is distinguished by its careful design, a reflection of the standout quality of this wine among its competitors in this category backed by the IGP of Castilla and Leon, which recognizes the special characteristics of this Verdejo varietal.

  1. Ease of transport and storage.  OCTO’s design makes it ideal for refrigeration, occupying little space to optimize interior shelf storage.  Its exterior handle and light weight make it an ideal container to accompany outdoor activities requiring good maneuverability
  2. An abundance of design and style.  This new product’s sophisticated and attractive packaging is inspired by the great fashion houses to deliver a distinctive image for a special wine in this category.
  3. Hermetic seal closure, perfect for preserving wine.  The ability to reseal this container after each use using its hermetic spigot guarantees that the wine is maintained in optimum conditions until the last drop.
  4. Quality wine backed by the IGP of Castilla and Leon.  Dispelling the common belief that boxed wines are of low quality, BIB OCTOGONAL by CUATRO RAYAS bears the seal of the IGP of Castilla and Leon, certifying the unique characteristics imparted by our terroir.
  5. Nocturnal harvesting, producing great aromatic potential and an elegant and intense mouthfeel.  Made from Verdejo mechanically harvested at night, this wine presents in a pretty pale yellow color with a fresh and floral bouquet.  Smooth and elegant palate marked by a long and intense finish.
  6. Vegan winemaking.  Cuatro Rayas Winery guarantees that this product is suitable for vegan consumption, since it contains no animal products or additives in any phase of its elaboration. 
  7. Green - sustainable packaging.  OCTO’s packaging is made of easily recyclable materials to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption.
  8. Social good - the Winery supports nearly 400 rural families.  Since 1935, the Cuatro Rayas cooperative has pulled together the dreams and labor of winemaking members from over 30 villages in the province of Valladolid and Segovia to produce high quality wines and ensure generational success in these hometowns.

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