22 Sep 2020

Berlin bows before the quality of these special Cuatro Rayas’ Brands

The ‘Berliner Wine Trophy’ - Summer edition awards a Gold medal to ‘61’ Dorado en Rama, Amador Diez 2015 and Amador Diez 2017 and a Silver medal to Cuarenta Vendimias Cuvée 2018, highlighting the excellence of the premium wines of the winery from Valladolid

La Seca, 22 September 2020.-  The 24th edition of the renowned German contest ‘Berliner Wine Trophy‘—where more than 6,000 wines from all over the world have been submitted—has awarded three Gold medals and a Silver medal to the most exclusive brands of the cooperative winery Cuatro Rayas, based in La Seca, Valladolid. These awards—61’Dorado en Rama, Amador Diez 2015, Amador Diez 2017 (Gold) and Cuarenta Vendimias Cuvée 2018 (Silver)—highlight once more the quality of the most special wines of the winery, that are produced in a selected and artisanal way and summarise the essence of the winemaking tradition of the cooperative from Valladolid in the DO Rueda.

      The news of these recognitions comes only a few days after Amador Diez 2015 got a Gold medal at the Brussels World Contest, the only DO Rueda wine achieving this recognition in its last edition, and they add to the already long list of awards obtained by these collectable wines.

‘61’ Dorado en Rama, safeguard of the Palomino variety in DO Rueda
The premium fortified wine of Bodega Cuatro Rayas is produced combining equal parts of Verdejo variety and Palomino Fino, a varietal doomed to disappear since its cultivation is forbidden. However, the cooperative from La Seca is taking good care of its century-old vines intending to continue producing the original wines in the area. This golden wine uses the traditional solera system and goes from the butts to the bottle without finning and filtering in a single annual saca (taking out).

        ‘61’Dorado en Rama continues unstoppable after obtaining exceptional scores in all the competitions to which it has been submitted so far. It received Gold medals at ‘BWT’ Spring and Summer editions, ‘Bacchus’ and ‘Mundus Vini’, was awarded a Grand Gold at the ‘Frankfurt Wine Trophy‘, and also features high scores in Parker and Peñín Guides: 91 points according to ‘The Wine Advocate‘ and 95 points in the ‘2021 Peñín Guide’.

Amador Diez, pre-phylloxera collectible Verdejo wine
The most exclusive and artisan brand of Bodega Cuatro Rayas—a single batch of 3,000 bottles per vintage—is made from a selection of the best 10 hectares of pre-phylloxera, century-old vines of the winery—harvested by hand—, and it is vinified to improve its longevity, making it ideal for its consumption at the moment while maintaining a great ageing potential in the bottle.

        In addition to the Gold medal awarded at the ‘Summer BWT‘, Amador Diez has recognitions for its two current vintages (2015 and 2017), that were awarded a Gold medal at the ‘Frankfurt International Trophy‘ (both vintages), ‘Brussels World Contest‘ (a Gold medal to 2015 vintage—becoming the only wine in Rueda to get this award—, and a Silver to 2017), and both vintages scored 93 points in 2021 Peñín Guide.

Cuarenta Vendimias Cuvée, an unconventional classic
This Verdejo wine gathers the most valuable wine heritage in DO Rueda—grapes coming from a selection of more than forty-years-old vineyards located in the best areas of the designation—and a winemaking process that enhances the aromatic complexity and the Cuvée durability as a wine for ageing.

      Among other awards, Cuarenta Vendimias Cuvée received 92 Peñín points in 2020, a Gold medal at ‘2019 Mundus Vini’, and became the Best Rueda Wine in 2019 at the ‘International Wine Challenge‘, the Oscar of wine.
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