Denominación de Origen Rueda

Cuatro Rayas
Agrícola Castellana

Dorado en Rama

‘61’ Dorado en Rama, a unique wine that brings the best of the Palomino variety in the Rueda Designation of Origin. This varietal is doomed to disappear since its cultivation is forbidden, but the cooperative from La Seca takes good care of its own century-old vines to continue producing the original wines of the region. ‘61 Dorado en Rama’ constitutes a faithful memory of the fortified white wine produced during the Spanish Golden Age, as well as the Court wine in the time of the Catholic Monarchs. Without vintage, this selection is the only saca (taking out) from 2019 butts.
Variedades: Verdejo and Palomino Fino
Grado Alcohólico: 17
Crianza: Oxidative
Ficha de cata Golden, clean and bright.  Ageing: Produced by biological ageing; in the last stage, the wine we take and transfer to the last year barrel carries out the oxidative ageing, getting that colour and becoming golden. The wine acquires fuller body and unique organoleptic characteristics reminiscent of smoke and vanilla. Hints of nuts and raisins. Slightly toasty flavour.
Formatos: 0,75Cl

Dorado en Rama, safeguard of the Palomino variety in DO Rueda

Verdejo and Palomino Fino


94 points Guía Peñín 2020