Denominación de Origen Rueda

Cuatro Rayas
Agrícola Castellana


The wine with the oldest ‘pedigree’ in DO Rueda renews its image, it is been produced continuously since the beginning with the noblest traditional method: biological ageing in soleras and oxidative ageing in the last stages. It was the first brand bottled in the winery back in 1950. In 1938, the very young cooperative started to gather the efforts of all members, who, until then, used to make this kind of wines in their own homes following the winemaking processes inherited from their ancestors. In 1938 vintage, members decided to take the wine to the winery for the first time and put it into big wooden butts. They chose the best they had with a clear objective: ageing the wine collectively in everyone’s home. Once the wooden butts were loaded with wine, number 61 was the best of all, which is why they decided that 61 would become the name shown on the first bottles: Fino 61. It was the birth of the first trademark of the cooperative.
Variedades: 75% Verdejo 25% Palomino
Grado Alcohólico: 15
Crianza: oxidative ageing
Ficha de cata Golden, clean and bright.  Ageing: Produced by biological ageing; in the last stage, the wine we take and transfer to the last year barrel carries out the oxidative ageing, getting that colour and becoming golden. The wine acquires fuller body and unique organoleptic characteristics reminiscent of smoke and vanilla. Hints of nuts and raisins. Slightly toasty flavour.
Formatos: 0,75Cl

‘61’ Dorado, the authentic Rueda of Cuatro Rayas Winery

75% Verdejo 25% Palomino

Tierra de Sabor