Denominación de Origen Rueda

Cuatro Rayas
Agrícola Castellana

Frizzante 5.5

According to the proverb, ‘all good things come in three’, Cuatro Rayas Winery repeats the success with an unconventional 100% Verdejo wine. ‘61’ Fizzante 5.5 is an effervescent Verdejo, which completes the range ‘61 Sixty-one’ along with the prestigious ‘61’ Dorado and the amazing ‘61’ Verdejo Vermouth. The biggest winery in DO Rueda thus joins the partially fermented must products so high-demanded in the market; so far, frizzante wines produced by the winery in La Seca, as Dolce Bianco, were indeed considered wine, since they have 8% alcohol content.

Naturally produced with a selection of Verdejo grapes and stopping the fermentation with cold shock at 5.5º. This young frizzante is named ‘61’ after the first brand bottled in Cuatro Rayas Winery back in the 50’s.


Variedades: Verdejo
Grado Alcohólico: 5.5
Ficha de cata Straw yellow colour, bright. Peach and citrus fruit aromas, accompanied with pleasant bubbles. Very refreshing and lively on the palate, it shows hints of peach and a gentle sweetness.
Maridaje It pairs with a wide range of dishes: pasta, Asian cuisine and desserts.
Temperatura de servicio: 5º C

The effervescent Verdejo of Cuatro Rayas Winery