This is the most artisan and exclusive product from both the Rueda Designation of Origin and the winery founded in 1935

Denominación de Origen Rueda


Denominación de Origen Rueda

Cuatro Rayas
Agrícola Castellana

Amador Diez

La Seca, Valladolid (Spain). Bodega Cuatro Rayas has just produced a great new wine that is destined to find a niche among the most prestigious whites in Spain. As great as the man who appears on its label: Amador Diez De Íscar, former president of the winery for 21 years. ‘Amador Diez‘, the brand which figures on the unique label made from wood, comes from grapes of the oldest vineyards at Cuatro Rayas, specifically a selection made partially from the best 10 pre-phylloxera hectares over 100 years old located in Aldeanueva del Codonal (Segovia). This is the most artisan and exclusive product from both the Rueda Designation of Origin and the winery founded in 1935.  

   Harvested by hand and selected with painstaking care, the bottle is already a reality after spending a period of fermentation in 500 liter barrels of new French oak, with bâtonnage for eight months. Noteworthy is its elaboration with indigenous yeasts from the winery, something unique and standing apart from the more commercial elaborations known to consumers of Rueda wines.  

   ‘Amador 10‘ will be a wine to be remembered just like the extraordinary person hidden behind its label. Bodega Cuatro Rayas owes a lot to Diez De Íscar, a person endowed with an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit, a business vision and a character open to dialogue. No doubt, he was the author of the winery‘s relaunch and responsible for its successful process of internationalization and modernization that has positioned the Cuatro Rayas brand as the driving force of the Rueda Designation of Origin.

   With his memory in mind and his example alive in the heart of the Rueda winegrowers, Diez De Íscar assembles us again about wine, a sector he devoted his entire life to and which today returns to him, by way of gratitude, a small part of everything he did for the DO. ‘Amador 10‘ an excellent wine inspired by an outstanding man.
Variedades: Verdejo
Añada: 2015
Crianza: Cuvée
Ficha de cata Lemon yellow with greenish reflections, clean, bright and crystal. Intense and complex on the nose, very elegant with perfect harmony between the fruit load of the variety and the contribution of its stay in oak barrels. Reminiscent of dried fruit and nuts that accompany aromas of sweet, ripe or stone fruit on a clean wooden background. It is well-structured, buttery and voluptuous. Aromas detected on the nose appear in retronasal, with a lingering aftertaste.
Maridaje Appetizers, fish and specially seafood. Also roasted meat and products with an intense flavour like cheese, foie and ham.
Temperatura de servicio: 6-8ºC
Formatos: 0,75 Cl