Denominación de Origen Rueda

Sauvignon Blanc

Tierra de Sabor

Denominación de Origen Rueda

Cuatro Rayas
Agrícola Castellana

Cuatro Rayas
Cuarenta Vendimias Sauvignon

We sorted the best grapes from these vineyards to produce about 5,000 bottles of Cuatro Rayas Cuarenta Vendimias. These old vines add up to the legacy of the winemaker Ángel Calleja, with more than forty harvests in charge of Cuatro Rayas, in a wine that has become a piece of history of the harvests and the passion for tradition. Elena M. Oyagüe, his right-hand woman during two decades, was in charge of sorting this special selection.
Variedades: Sauvignon Blanc
Añada: 2016
Grado Alcohólico: 13
Ficha de cata Pale yellow colour, the style of the wine is fruity and aromatic. The aromas evoke citrus fruits over a background of white flowers and a balsamic note that recalls mint. On the palate, it has a high and refreshing acidity, like citrus fruit.
Maridaje This wine goes very well with fish dishes and raw, steamed or grilled shellfish. It also pairs perfectly with rice.
Temperatura de servicio: 6-8 ºC
Formatos: 0,75 cl